Today, more than ever, we have to go through a film, and today’s films are not as effective in creating a harsh reality. Everything is usually heavy, raw, dark and also based on a very real injury. No decade and no film genre embodies a frivolous escape like the comedies of the eighties. They had a kind of stupid charm and lack of grain that is rarely seen in modern cinema. Of course, many films, such as the work of John Hughes, relate to the real world, to personal problems, but these issues were more easily resolved, with a more innocent humour to ease suffering. See, for example, Pretty Hughes in Pink: The film tells the story of a lost and confused teenage girl who is looking for her place, while her unemployed and depressed father wanders through the house effortlessly collecting his thoughts. Although it may sound harsh on paper, you never had to get sick of the character’s despair throughout the film, and you didn’t stay in despair even after the film was over.

The comedies by John Hughes and other famous screenwriters and directors of the 1980s were about the hard fight – films should do that – but they were full of laughter and above all imbued with hope. It was a time when everything was just a pretentious independent playwright or an exaggerated blockbuster with a few jokes in it. We have to go back to a decade of failed family vacations, idiotic identity addicts and abuses of high-risk nobs. Everyone needs a meeting with Chevy Chase or John Candy. That’s why I made a list of the most reckless and mocking uprisings of the eighties.

National Lamp Festival (1983)

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It’s a summary: The Griswolds, an all-American family, went to Wally’s World amusement park, although the trip took longer than expected.

Based on John Hughes’ short story, originally published in The National Lampoon, and Hughes’ second attempt to write the screenplay after an early failure with a failed horror comedy Reunion Class, National Lampoon’s Vacation Hughes was his first success, giving him the name and freedom he needed to continue making sincere and hysterical films. The Christmas holidays are generally considered the best of the holiday series, but the holidays are the funniest (and darkest), while a few dark movies shouldn’t be on the light comedy list, the holidays are stupid and funny, despite their tasteless themes, and this shows what Hughes wrote and how Harold Ramis directed. Who else could make adultery, teenage drug use and old age look so stupid?

Aircraft, trains and cars (1987)

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It’s a summary: The man faces all kinds of challenges when he tries to go home for Thanksgiving with a clumsy stranger who sells shower curtain rings for a living.

Airplanes, trains and cars are both major attractions and masterpieces for Thanksgiving. It’s not just a rebellion with tears, it’s a rebellion with laughter, and that’s hard to do. John Candy brings heart and anger, while Steve Martin delivers a chubby and dry humour, making them an incomparable bunch of comedians, showing off a super funny buddy comedy with lots of charm. Until you look at it, you forget how many classic lines are scattered. We like to think about it, but we don’t admit that the writing is so neat. An investigation of airplanes, trains and cars also shows that collectively we have lost sight of how funny body sounds can be. There’s so much drool in this movie, he’s holding out.

Agricultural Frenzy (1988)

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It’s a summary: The move of a few yuppies from the city to the countryside is not going as well as expected.

When we think of Chevy Chase, we think of Vacation, or Fletch, or the sadness that we know it was marked as unbearable by the screen, but we hardly think of Funny Farm. It is the most forgotten and above average funny pearl in the story of Pisces in the Water. I admit that even if I turn it on, I can’t say it’s anything exceptionally brilliant. Funny Farm has a normal ’80s comedy history, but the Chevrolet in it is at its best; there are relationships to invest in, and there are funny moments and quirky characters to check out every year.

Caddishack (1980)

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It’s a summary: At the Elite Country Club, things aren’t as usual when a new member joins the club and a gopher killer terrorizes the trail.

Caddyshack is more of a mix of big sketches than a whole movie, but with so many brilliant names it can’t be otherwise. Chevy is all about honesty and sarcasm, and that’s what he glows with. Bill Murray develops his improvisation skills to a perfection that equals stupid perfection. Ted Knight stands out for his mean and rich role, and finally Rodney Dangerfield is free to be his drawer, a one-line chevron. It took time, but Caddyshack has become an unmistakable cult classic and perhaps the greatest sports comedy ever made. Unfortunately, this was the last project of National Lampoon pioneer Doug Kenney, and he didn’t have the chance to see it become a favorite.

Exterior (1988)

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It’s a summary: The happy family holiday of a man from Chicago is crushed by his annoying parents.

The Great Outdoor is appreciated by many, but there is a discussion about whether it is a classic or not (that’s true). I don’t often see and hear him on the list of the funniest movies, but he’s up there and the families are kind to him. While I like to see John Candy carrying the comic weight of the film, Dan Ackroyd does most of the hard work here, while Candy sits in the back and radiates warmth. The seriousness of Sweets is not a mistake, as Dan Akroyd in his most acclaimed film, The Great Outdoors, is largely responsible for the fact that it was such a funny film. Although writer John Hughes is involved in a rather useless teen novel (because he is John Hughes), The Great Outdoor is still a damn fine, precocious and perfect walk of fun.

Fletch (1985)

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It’s a summary: Journalist Fletch is offered a large sum of money to kill a millionaire with cancer, although it becomes clear that there is something else in the story.

Chevy Chase uses his talents in character building at Fletch and does great, but it is the beautifully crafted wisdom that has made this success so great. The success of Fletch led to a surprisingly strong sequel, Fletch Lives, which was an excellent comedy sequel in the eighties. Both deserve to be seen or reviewed, but Fletch deserves to be included in the list of the greatest comedies of all time. Chevy, sinister as ever, where it belongs.

Sixteen candles (1984)

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It’s a summary: The girl’s family forgets her sixteenth birthday, which turned out to be much more eventful than they had thought.

Sixteen candles have appeared in discussions in recent years, not out of respect. Many seem to have been shocked (or deceived) by the grace of the material and the jokes. It’s quite a bit of work, with the exception of the moderately racist Long Duke Dong and the slightly violent behaviour of Anthony Michael Hall’s character. People seem to forget two facts: That was in the early 1980s, when racial tears were a fair game and you couldn’t undo the John Hughes classics. I don’t advise you to read a history book if you’re offended by what happened a few decades ago. We are also talking about the writings of John Hughes – nothing has been written out of hatred or malice. Although, you know what they say – one man’s carefree pleasure is another man’s injury. If you take sixteen grains of salt candles and see that it was a different time, you will have a nice trip.

Suburban areas (1989)

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It’s a summary: The residents of this ordinary suburb are collectively convinced that their new neighbours are part of a killer cult.

With Burbs, Joe Dante created a masterpiece of horror comedy. He’s dark enough to be *all* really scary, but he never strays from his hysterical roots. The Burbs is smart and funny, with great comic performances by Bruce Dern and Rick Dukemoon. Dukemoon really steals attention as his official neighbor Art Weingartner, and you can be sure that the deceased actor has not been used in enough movies. The Burbs is not only the benchmark for comedy, but also a fairly sharp and precise take on rural life: People who work in other people’s companies make up strange rumours just because they have nothing to do. This film is for people who grew up in the suburbs, for Tom Hanks fans and for anyone who appreciates a well made and funny film on an individual level.

Uncle Buck (1989)

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It’s a summary: The couple, who can’t find a babysitter at the last minute, calls the tramp Uncle Buck to take care of their annoying teenage daughter and her two beautiful siblings.

John Candy’s most important role in a career full of excellent roles, Uncle Buck, is the pinnacle of frivolous comedy. If there is one film that can be described as comforting, it is this one. Sweets give a kind of comfort that fascinates you, but they also give you some lines of fire. Uncle Buck is very happy. It is a vision of the tense dynamics of a Central American family and a very simple vision of a person who likes to have fun and can’t achieve anything ambitious. He’s especially fascinating and funny.

Tyres (1981)

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It’s a summary: Two friends who were dissatisfied with their work decided to join the army to cheer things up.

Harold Ramis was responsible for writing some of the funniest films, although he didn’t star in many of them. The stripes show the charm he has managed to give to the canvas. Bill Murray shines here in the way of Murray’s handbook because he’s too charismatic for his own good. Besides, who could dispute John Candy’s scandalous role? The films stand out because of their distribution, even though they tell a rather far-fetched and funny story. It’s not very realistic, but who needs the raw reality in an ’80s comedy?

Ghostbusters (1984)

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It’s a summary: Three former parapsychology professors found a ghost removal service.

It seems almost stupid and pointless to set a record for Ghostbusters, given their influence and status. The question is whether Ghostbusters guarantees his empire and a lifelong fanbaze. I’m sure of it. You have to find the best chemistry of all comedy stars. Bill Murray, Dan Acroide and Harold Ramis were at the forefront of their individual and collective game in the movie Ghostbusters, and it’s one of the few movies in which Acroide was lucky enough to be as good as he was.

Places of negotiation (1983)

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It’s a summary: Two millionaires make a life-changing bet with a troubled investor and a street rascal.

Speaking of Dan Acroyd: Shopping Place is a well written, fun and wild ride where the duo Akroyd and Eddie Murphy show off their real comic pork chops. It’s also one of the few great movies recorded in Philadelphia, and it gives me a lot of bonus points. The stores are less than a day old, and I would send someone in if they were looking for the big Acroid or Eddie Murphy for the part.

Curious science (1985)

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It’s a summary: Two nerds use their computers to create a real, perfect woman who radically changes her life.

Anthony Michael Hall plays second or third violin in some of John Hughes’ most remarkable teen movies, but Strange Science is a rare opportunity for him to direct the show and he does phenomenal work. Personally, I would describe this comedy as one of the most underestimated, and I would go even further and describe the audience as one of the best comedy actors we’ve ever seen – unfortunately he’s not often praised, and after his jogging in the ’80s he almost disappeared. It’s a sad prize to be a talented teenage actor: People recognize you as a funny and sweet teenager, so they feel uncomfortable when they see you grow old. Yet Anthony Michael Hall is completely cunning, but also stupid in Strange Science, an ’80s film that is much funnier than you deserve. Especially the bar scene is worth watching.

Aircraft (1980)

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It’s a summary: A person traumatised by previous flying experiences must ensure a safe landing as soon as all pilots are ill.

It goes without saying, but David Zucker, Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams took the flight when they wrote and directed Airplane! 1980. 3 Jewish babies from Milwaukee, a famous local writer and creator of unique funny sketches, get a glimpse of themselves and become the pioneers of a new style of comedy. His first film was of course the Kentucky Fried, a series of sketches by John Landis that left almost no trace of the plane! See you on the plane! We knew Mel Brooks’ anecdotal satire, but we’ve never seen dramatic actors spit out such a straight line. The brothers Zucker and Jim Abraham set a new trend in satire – to delight the audience with as many jokes and puns as possible in an otherwise simple story. It’s amazing when you know that the film started out as a melodramatic film, which they decided to rewrite as a comedy.

Top Secret! (1984)

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It’s a summary: An American rock star is involved in a resistance conspiracy to save a scientist who is being held captive in East Germany.

Although The Plane! is known to a wider audience, the Top Secret! is simply the funniest work by Jim Abrahams and the Sugar Brothers. Despite the fact that some political jokes are dated, that’s all Trinity is known for: a crazy ratio of jokes per minute, endless string quotes and some of the craziest passages you see on screen. As a bonus, you’ll see a Val Kilmer that looks young and normal.

Back to school (1986)

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It’s a summary: A cheerful but tenacious businessman goes to his son’s university to make things easier for him.

Rodney Dangerfield was the noisiest man in Caddyshack, but Back to School is where he behaves like his true self – locked and loaded with the same linings, disgusting but unpleasant and ultimately full of life. Back to school is a comic nonsense of the 80’s, where you want to sneak in with a cozy story, not to mention the initial character development needed to be able to invest something. There is also a rare performance by Sam Kinison, who is very similar to his stage character, but in the classroom. This film is an opportunity to see two legends from late history do what they do without a microphone and with a story.

Nude firearm (1988)

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It’s a summary: False police officer Frank Drebin must stop the attempted murder of Queen Elizabeth II.

Comedy genius Leslie Nilson on the plane! We had to play more comedy adventures, and that’s what was done with the short series Police Squad! Years after the 6 episodes series, there was a Naked Gun where the jokes were shot almost too fast to follow, and the level of blows is unparalleled. The amazing thing is, it all works. Almost everyone who gets hundreds of jokes Countless filmmakers have tried to copy the style of the Zucker brothers and Jim Abraham in their own parodies, especially through total failure, which makes the Naked Gun even more respectable. Nothing can be taken seriously – an approach that hardly exists in modern cinema. Even more impressive is that the prosecutions are effective in what they try to do.

Inner balloons (1987)

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It’s a summary: The pilot and his escort cat are forced to save the princess, who turns into her to protect the galaxy from a race of evil creatures known as space balloons.

For Spaceball, Mel Brooks established himself as a satirical legend and a truly brilliant comedy writer. He has already worked on westerns, monster movies and the work of Alfred Hitchcock. With Spaceballs, he saturated the greatest power of pop culture, and more people loved him than ever before. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to understand and appreciate it. Space Balls is a comedy fan’s dream – a parody with a cast of killers, funny jokes and stupid enough to avoid a very hypothetical baseball stadium. If you’ve always wanted to see John Candy play a cat named Barf, this is your only chance. It is also one of the rare occasions to see Rick Moranis in comedy form.

Ferris Bueller Weekend (1986)

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It’s a summary: Ferris Bueller, the coolest man in the school, is determined to enjoy his day of crocheting while the headmaster does everything he can to stop him.

Decades later, Ferris Bueller is still at the forefront of the cooling process. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is the timeless dream of a teenager in the mind of John Hughes. It has been mentioned many times on this list, but Ferris Bueller is probably the best example of the impressive quality of a film. He’s still funny, touching and exciting today. Ferris remains as a character that teenagers can idolize. Just like in other John Hughes movies, these are real teenage problems: You feel like a forgotten brother or sister, you are a less cool friend, you are unable to balance school and social life, and of course you have a stupid parent who puts money and work higher up in his shoes and has some kind of connection with his children. But Ferris Bueller’s day off is nothing more than a fun outing. It’s something we all have to deal with, but it’s not melancholy, fear or visceral. We are offered a positive conclusion from all points of view.

Police academy (1984)

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It’s a summary: A group of decent but failed Bushmen invade the police academy, much to the disappointment of their dominant bosses.

The police academy is stupid for science. It’s not the funniest movie of the 80’s, although it wants to be clear, but it’s mixed up almost all the comic pieces of the 80’s to make a stupid click that is so unimportant that you can only enjoy it. It’s so common that it’s a work of art. It’s Animal House meets Revenge of the Nerds meets Midnight Run – so many films that have been made. Maybe I’m not on base. The police academy can be so inspiring that we forget that it inspired much of what followed. It is such an original and dirty first that I wonder what his place is in the world of cinema. Whatever I say, it was a great success that justified almost 42 prosecutions. The police academy introduced us to Michael Winslow’s crazy vocal skills. We were taught that Steve Gutenberg was once the most charismatic protagonist in comedy. It’s no longer controversial. For the first time we met an unforgettable crazy attic – a man who was secretly met on stage during a speech. I’m retracting all the confusing statements I made on that movie – the police academy is a classic. It’s one of my favorites. I say this without shame.

The great adventure of Pee Wee (1985)

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It’s a summary: A man-child, Pee Wee, gets his only bicycle and has to cross America to find him.

If we ignore how stupid and polarizing the character of Pi Wee Herman is, we have to admit that Pi Wee’s Great Adventure is a great cinematographic art, instinctively funnier than any other film. Led by Tim Burton, he has created a feverish dream, as funny and versatile as it is bizarre and flawless. She wants to be dark without being dark, if that makes sense. Pee Wee’s Great Adventure is the kind of movie you watch when you’re lost, and you need to learn to laugh again. It’s the kind of movie you show your girlfriend, who hardly appreciates it, and then you get angry. This rattling is his own essence in the world of comedy and in the entire film world. If it’s not fun for you personally or for your favorite movie, at least it’s a feat of weirdness.

This is a vertebral point (1984).

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It’s a summary: Documentary film about Spinal Tap, one of the noisiest English bands.

Rob Reiner’s first film is a stylistic, powerful and funny satire, which is always in its own subgenre: The rock. With characters who are both cute and sad at the same time, the attack of broad lines and niche themes, it is not surprising that this backbone has become a cult classic of such magnitude. Although we’re not all immersed in the rock world of the ’80s, we can all laugh heartily at the performances of comic heavyweights like Christopher Guest and Michael McKeen.

Back to the future (1985)

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It’s a summary: High school student Marty McFly looks back on 30 years of time travel that his DeLorean girlfriend imagined.

A good popcorn classic that’s as much fun as when you were young. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have put on screen the fantastic comedy of the beautiful life of Robert Zemecki, which is appreciated for good reasons. What else can you say? It’s brilliant, it’s an exciting pleasure.

Unscrupulous persons (1986)

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It’s a summary: A cunning businessman cheated on a married couple and kidnapped their wife in revenge.

Unscrupulous people are at the limit, at the most disgusting end of the spectrum, but it is all the more pleasant for them. The brothers Zucker and Jim Abraham were separated from their roots of the crazy parody by this sharp and refined madness. It’s a film in which every character is despicable, and everything that can go wrong is good. With non-stop, ferocious jokes and the successful cast of Danny Devito, Bette Midler and Judge Reinhold, there’s nothing to do but beat. Unscrupulous people certainly are, and yet they are underestimated.

Johnny Hazard (1984)

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It’s a summary: A good and honest man has to live a criminal life to pay his mother’s medical bills.

Stars of Michael Keaton rarely mentions a parody of the detective films of the 1930s, which started terribly, but were unable to maintain this level of genius. Johnny Dangerous has quoted many lines, which is his greatest strength, but it’s just a little bumpy. In short, he can’t decide whether he’s subtle or downright ridiculous. Unless it’s funny, it’s brilliantly funny, and any well-meaning horny satire with a star like Keaton is worth mentioning.

Night duty (1982)

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It’s a summary: A mortuary employee convinces his disrespectful young colleague to run a brothel.

For me, the night shift is the most criminal forgotten comedy. It represents a revolutionary role of Michael Keaton, who is perhaps the funniest character for the blessing of the web. Henry Winkler brings his round and good-natured presence, while Keaton leads a hysterical dialogue, although he hardly has to joke. It’s a large heterosexual couple that needs that kind of recognition. Night Shift plays the sandy New York of the early ’80s if that’s your cup of tea, but it’s actually a hell of a comedy. I can’t talk about this movie without mentioning that it has my favorite movie line, The Boy Who Barney Rubble… What an actor!

Profit of the nerds (1984)

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It’s a summary: The outcasts of Adams College gather to control the tyrants and protect their reputation.

I regret that the revenge of the nerd has not stopped and does not comply with the strict rules of contemporary comedy, but a list of comedies from the ’80s would be incomplete without it. Let’s see how important it is: The vengeance of the nerds took what the Beast House did, deleted all sharp comments or clever texts and perpetuated the sloppiness. It’s disgusting, reckless, shameless, yet sweet. It’s very nice to see the outcasts come up. It wasn’t a new concept, and he was already tired, but the revenge of the nerds made the question relevant. If we’re talking about crazy movies where you can laugh, we shouldn’t forget that.

Beetle juice (1988)

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It’s a summary: The spirits of a dead couple hire an evil creature to exorcise an evil family that has moved into their old home.

Michael Keaton’s performance as Beatlejus is nothing less than emblematic in this original and visually stunning work by the perverse genius Tim Burton. A strange glow can be seen everywhere, from jokes to whimsical visual effects. The beetle’s horror elements can be really disturbing, but they only contribute to the general feeling of willfulness. Simply put, it is never too scary or strange not to work in comedy, even if it is much more than that. This hallucinatory pleasure has proven itself over time.

Highlights at Ridgemont High (1982)

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It’s a summary: A group of schoolchildren in Southern California are doing what they do best: They wander off and fight for their identity.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High sets the vision of work apart from that of high school students – there is a reality that creates drama, but drama is never unpleasant, and frivolous comic moments don’t suffer from a rough picture of teenagers’ everyday problems. Spicoli’s character, Sean Penn, is rightly considered one of the greatest bridge builders of pop culture. He offers all the strange help he needs to alleviate the difficult moments. Fast Times is fun and not stupid. In the early eighties it was not common, and maybe that’s what makes it so unique. She sometimes throws herself into soap drama, but she always comes back in comedy. It doesn’t have to be stupid; it just took a stupid character to make Fast Times work.

Arrivals in the Americas (1988)

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It’s a summary: The African Prince Charming escapes from an arranged marriage and travels to Queens to find his wife.

With Eddie Murphy at the helm and a John Landis direction, you can’t go wrong, and coming to America certainly has no flaws or strangeness as can be the case. It is a case where aging gives a film a bit of a twist and makes it a real journey through time. Eddie Murphy is here at the top of his game (and at the top of his glory), and Arsenio Hall also contributes to the fun. Coming to America has its most reserved and sincere moments, but it’s a crazy party when it should be. For me it’s hard to determine where the general public sees it in the greatest comedies of all time – for many it’s out of memory and an unmistakable classic. Some would say it’s the funniest movie. Others don’t even think about it when they write or discuss comedy classics. They look like they’re on the top lists or they’re flying under the radar, and that’s what I like about coming to America.

The Blues Brothers (1980)

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It’s a summary: Jake Blues, who has just been released from prison, and his brother Elwood are forced to rebuild their blues band to save the Catholic house where they grew up.

John Belusha’s life and career were tragically cut short, and we can say that we didn’t get enough of him in his life. The Blues Brothers are the best place to see it outside the home of animals and lemmings. He and Dan Aikroyd have proven to be one of the best couples on the screen, and their alchemy gets its full meaning here. The Blues Brothers aren’t exactly wild by today’s comedy standards, but it’s just a normal old fun trip. This film has everything you need: Dance, madness, some good melodies, lack of respect for the nuns and the best walk I can imagine in the mall. I’d say it was a remake, but most of us know what a disaster the Blues Brothers 2000 was.

Large (1988)

Fault! The file name is not specified.

It’s a summary: A teenager’s wish to grow up comes true.

I couldn’t ignore the eternally cheerful fantasy/comedy for all ages, in which Tom Hanks plays the leading role in his Hummer and is most accessible. The big one is actually more beautiful than anything else. It’s neither too ambitious nor too complex, but it’s exactly what you should like. It’s a simple, light-hearted story that captures the charm of Hanks. We don’t laugh much and we don’t change the angle, but it’s the embodiment of a good ’80s clicking feeling.

Madness (1980)

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Background: Two best friends, falsely accused of a bank robbery, should get out of jail anyway.

The great Gene Wilder and the restless but incomparably talented Richard Pryor have starred in several films, Stir Crazy was the best (although Silver Strip is one of the most perfect films ever made, and I will preach it until people want to hear it again). Stir Crazy is where a couple actually finds and establishes their chemistry. It is an underestimated and funny take on the prison life of two idiots who clearly have no place in prison. Wilder and Pryor are both very much alone here – charming and naive, Wilder is sincere, while Pryor chooses when to be honest and when to disguise every cripple with uncertainty and every demon with cunning. However, Stir Crazy offers more than the glamour of Pryor and Wilder. The overall distribution is excellent and the mixture contains enough balls to stimulate your imagination. The handwriting is impeccable. The story is original and convincing. Insanity isn’t enough.

Used vehicles (1980)

Fault! The file name is not specified.

It’s a summary: A dirty car salesman working for a decent but unfortunate owner has to compete with the owner’s sneaky brother and rival to eventually become the only valid used car dealer in town.

Kurt Russell and Jack Warden are classless in this black comedy by Robert Zemeckis, which is funnier than most movies you and I would call funnier. Of course, used cars, such as those from 1980, have a lot of cheese, but they have hysterical performance and a list of excellent lines (many of which could not be pronounced in the film today). What she loves about the classic list is that they twist and turn. In used cars the steam stops halfway, but in the beginning it’s too much fun to ignore.

Nanny Adventures (1987)

Fault! The file name is not specified.

It’s a summary: The nanny has to bring the things she takes care of to town, but it soon becomes a fight when the house is safe.

No matter at what age you watch Adventures with a Babysitter, you will certainly be touched (in the heart, not in the genitals.) You won’t find so many benign movies that offer both funny moments and fleeting adventures. The characters are all fun and the events are interesting. It is certainly not a diversionary tactic, and although it may be insignificant, it is not mandatory. We don’t get a particularly complicated plot, but it’s fascinating for what it is. The extraordinary merit of being able to give a babysitting adventure is an exciting and quite funny film, which is clearly aimed at children.

Mr. Mam (1983)

Fault! The file name is not specified.

It’s a summary: The recently released man changed roles with his wife when she went back to work, and he moved into the difficult world of the host father.

There were a lot of Michael Keatons on that list because, how could it be otherwise? Mom portrays Keaton in his warm form – an ordinary, loving person he may be closest to. In this movie, he’s the one and only man: Attentive, strong but vulnerable, jealous, passionate and determined to control his temperament. Mama was written by John Hughes, so it has all the desired qualities of a Hughes film, except the dark humour. Mr. Mama’s clean. It’s not funny, but it’s funny. It also presents a standard story written so clearly in your heart that you can’t help it.

Psychos (1985)

Fault! The file name is not specified.

It’s a summary: A group of hooligans discovered an old map and went in search of the lost treasures of the legendary pirate.

Premiere of The Goonies is the choice of a film that complements the list of light comedies of the 80s and is the main plot of many children’s films. This film radiates innocence, both of the heroes themselves and of the adventures they undertake. It takes you back to your own childhood fantasies and reminds you of dreams that were once important to you (and in which you probably gave up that infernal timeline we call life). Screenwriters Stephen Spielberg and Chris Columbus create something essentially Indiana Jones Flick, but with children, which means twisting every corner, characters casting a curse, and a story that ends with a tug of war on your fear. Spielberg recently announced the sequel at a live meeting with the Goonies, which we are looking forward to.

Note from the author : You may have noticed that the Breakfast Club is not included, just because too much is expected of it. There are many films here by John Hughes, and rightly so, and I think they deserve more recognition than a film that seems to get the most praise for his long career.

  • Honorable mentions:
  • Roxana (1987)
  • the financial collapse (1986)
  • Summer rental (1985)
  • The Golden Child (1986)
  • Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988) [preferred by many, but not by me].
  • Honey, I strangled the kids (1989).
  • First Division (1989)
  • Gremlins (1984)

Michael is a former (even more sorry) failed YouTuber rapper and a former writer who is mainly active in pop culture. He has a special preference for the horror comedies of the 70s and 80s.