In addition, the Trustees approved the allocation of US$522,000 to the project. USD for new design and planning services for Pool.

The Board of Directors of the Atasquadero Unified School District reported on the proposed budget cuts for the coming school year and approved an amount of US$522,000 for the year.

The DSA announced that the district should expect reductions of more than $4 million based on the governor’s revised budget proposal in May. It is estimated that a total of $100,000 will be available for the school year 2020-2021. Most of the reductions will have an impact on the classified staff. Even with the change, the district threatens to sink into reserves and spend scarce resources.

The district declared that it did not recognize a $4 million reduction, but reported a reduction of nine certified employees and 29 employees classified as regular.

The district follows a worst-case scenario approach in its budgeting process and is aware that everything is moving in the COWID 19 pandemic.

We know that the state will approve the budget here in a few weeks and we have been told that there will probably be a review of the state budget in August or early September because of the delay in tax revenues due to KOVID-19. The board can approve this budget today and change it tomorrow and we hope that this is the worst case scenario, said Jackie Martin, Assistant Commissioner of the AUSD. We have reserves, the surplus reserves are more than the required 3%, thanks to Kovid-19 we did everything we could to save. We’ve practically frozen the parameters. We have frozen all expenditure immediately after the closure of the school in order to make as many savings as possible, pending the impact of the closure on the economy, which will help us to survive until 2021 and possibly 2022.

The certified reductions relate to four primary school teachers and two secondary school teachers. Most reductions in classified staff will consist of assistant trainers and training manuals for special circumstances.

In addition to the reductions, the district eliminated all one-off costs, reduced schoolbook and equipment allocations, reduced the cost of a special edition of the extended school year, and freed up eight teaching places for the next school year.

The district will now fill these positions with replacement teachers and designate them as vacant but budgeted, arguing that this will avoid a wave of layoffs at the beginning of the August school year when the DUSA budget will be exceeded.

Unfortunately, at the moment we assume that we will use replacements to fill these vacancies, but once the school starts, there will be no possibility of dismissal if the school is overcrowded, Martin told the board. If we have to rotate, fly and adapt, we can do so at the end of August, because these are multi-subjective positions and we are not the only area that is so conservative at the moment.

After the schools were converted to distance learning and closed, the district began freezing rent to save money, but noted that although it expected a recession in the future, it did not expect it to happen so soon.

The meeting on the 9th. The month of June began with a controversial debate about the architectural plans for the new basin, but ended with a unanimous vote in favor of $522,000 to fund the architectural firm PJHM.

The main cause of the confusion between the curators and the district was the question where the money in the kitty came from and what was paid out, which Martin said he was trying to hide: We have set aside funds in the form of developer fees to finance architectural services. The money is in protective custody. We don’t have fully guaranteed financing for the construction; it’s just the first step in determining the best location and the final cost, so when we have the funds, we’re ready to start.

Martin discussed the nature of the developers’ fees and explained that these can only be used for the construction and reconstruction of facilities in the province and cannot be spent elsewhere.

This was the last meeting of the school board for the school year 2019-2020. He’ll be here on the 11th. August again.

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