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Tineco A11 Review

After assessing both the A10 and also the Pure One S12, I’ll be having a close take a look at Tineco’s mid-priced alternative, the A11

This version goes to the exact same cost variety as the Dyson V8, and also I have actually evaluated this vacuum cleaner thoroughly to see exactly how it does on numerous sorts of messes, its use, sound degree, comfort designs, and also a lot more.

A Functional Mid-Priced Stick Vacuum Cleaner That Competes as much as 52 Minutes

Tineco A11

Tineco A11 Testimonial

The Tineco A11 is a beefed-up variation of the A10 with a bigger electric motor and also the enhancement of an added battery that basically increases the run time. An additional location of renovation with the A11 is the general high quality and also coating. The more recent A11 features a quick-release lock that breaks a little bit crisper and also is less complicated to separate than the A10 Its semi-transparent body provides it an advanced appearance and also the efficiency is just one of the very best I have actually evaluated thus far on carpetings and also tough floorings.

Inspect Rate


  • Better develop high quality over the entry-level Tineco A10
  • Exceptional efficiency on tough floorings and also carpetings
  • Has even more devices than the Dyson V8 also if it coincides cost variety
  • Above-average dust capability at 0.6 litres
  • Double billing dock will certainly bill both batteries at the same time


  • No sanitary system so clearing dust will certainly be untidy
  • Top-heavy style

What to get out of the Tineco A11?

The Tineco A11 Master is the higher-end alternative of the A11 collection that’s ideal in-between the Tineco A10 and also Pure One S12

This version goes to the exact same cost variety as the Dyson V8, yet a bit a lot more costly than the Shark ION P50

The example sent out to me by Tineco is the A11 Master+ so it features both the LED multi-tasker power brush and also the soft roller power brush.

Both of these devices are constructed for cleaning up carpetings and also tough floorings, specifically. One attribute that divides this from a Dyson and also Shark is the row of LED fronts lights that aids with exposure.

There are 3 various A11 choices– the Hero+, Master, and also Master+.

All these versions have the exact same electric motor and also battery (with the exemption of the Master that features the bigger 2,500 mAh Li-ion battery) so there isn’t much of a distinction when it pertains to cleaning up efficiency.

The distinctions are the accessories and also color design with the Hero variation having heaven and also white combination and also the Master having the eco-friendly and also white combination.

What are the renovations that the A11 has more than the A10?

The A10 and also A11 share the exact same style hints, yet the A11 is a much better item generally in numerous elements.

Something I observed with the A11 is the clear body housing. You can see what’s underneath the external plastic covering, with the exception of the electric motor.

Tineco A10 Transparent Body

Also the batteries have a frozen, semi-transparent style where you can see a shape of the cells inside.

Like the A10, the A11 has a trigger lock that holds the button at the on setting, so there’s no demand to press it consistently.

Better develop high quality

Among my animal peeves with the A10 is the lack of a securing system, at the very least for the suction-only devices.

Add-ons such as the gap and also mix device do not have a quick-release lock.

Tineco resolved this problem by including this in all the devices for the A11

Every little thing will safely secure location many thanks to the quick-release lock. Eliminating the devices additionally is smoother as it glides off quickly.

Billing dock

Tineco A11 Dual Charging Dock

The A10 did not have a billing dock yet device storage space that will certainly fit a lot of the devices and also the vacuum cleaner. Considering that it just had one battery, it just included a plug to bill the vacuum cleaner.

With the A11, points are various; this version features the twin billing dock that can bill 2 batteries at the same time. It additionally has ports to keep 3 suction-only accessories.

One drawback to the dock is the demand to pierce openings on the wall surface which is totally subjective, in my point of view.

Just how much power does the Tineco A11 have?

To gauge the quantity of power the A11 has, I made use of an anemometer to gauge air flow on the various power setups at the stick.

Air movement is a great measure of exactly how a vacuum cleaner will certainly do on numerous surface areas. The greater the air flow, the far better it goes to grabbing numerous sorts of particles.

Below’s the outcome of the Tineco A11 on the reduced and also max power evaluating the stick.

The A11 has virtually as much power as the Dyson V8 (319 CFM vs. 32 CFM) on the default setup and also virtually as long as the Dyson V10 (58 CFM vs. 59 CFM) at the high setup which goes over for a cordless vacuum cleaner at this cost.

I did see an air movement reduction as the battery neared vacant, so there will certainly be some air flow loss in the power cycle.

For how long will the Tineco A11 Master run?

The A11 Master features two 2,500 mAh Li-ion batteries that Tineco insurance claims will certainly compete as much as 60 mins.

Keep in mind that the reduced end A11 Hero has a smaller sized 2,000 mAh Li-ion battery that competes as much as 50 mins (incorporated)

To check if this case is exact, I ran the vacuum cleaner in various setups to see how much time will certainly it range from complete to vacant.

Please examine the table listed below for the outcomes.

Power setup Eco Max
Non-Motorized Devices (e.g. Gap Device)26: 44 minutes. x 210: 38 minutes. x 2
Multi-Tasker Power Brush25 minutes. x 210: 10 minutes. x 2

Exactly How Does the Tineco A11 Tidy?

Many thanks to the wide range of devices, the Tineco A11 is just one of one of the most functional cordless stick vacuum cleaners readily available out there.

It is functional in various setups as a portable or stick vacuum cleaner depending upon the accessory.

One benefit it has more than the Pure One S12 is its even more portable style, so it’s lighter on the arm if you utilize it to tidy locations high over such as ceiling vents.

Nonetheless, the major feature of the A11 is to tidy floorings and also it does it with high-efficiency many thanks to the style of the major cleansing accessories– the multi-tasker and also the soft roller power brush.

Tineco A11 Main Cleaning Nozzle The Tineco A11 has 2 major nozzles– the LED multi-tasker brush and also soft roller power brush.

Do not allow the terms puzzle you, these devices resemble the Dyson V8’s direct-drive and also soft roller accessory.

One attribute I such as with these devices is the row of LED fronts lights that will certainly aid track dirt.

All the devices are functional with or without the expansion tube which provides this vacuum cleaner its flexibility.

Affixing and also eliminating the various devices is simple with the fast launch lock.

Cleansing Efficiency

To check exactly how the Tineco A11 does on tough floorings and also carpeting, I evaluated it on numerous sorts of particles such as quake oats (initial image), coffee (2nd image), quinoa (3rd), and also animal trash (4th).

I additionally evaluated it on Fruit loopholes to see exactly how it does on actually huge items of dust.

Initially, allow’s take a look at the general ratings.

Rug (Surface Area Pick-up)


Rug (Deep Cleansing)


The general ratings of the Tineco A11 go over with 98.6% and also stone’s throw behind from the Pure One S12 (994%), that is the more expensive alternative of both.

Bare Flooring Cleansing

For screening on tough floorings, I mainly made use of the soft roller brush and also as anticipated the outcomes were fantastic. Please examine the pictures listed below to see some prior to and also after shots.

Tineco A11 cleaning quaker oats on hard floors

Tineco A11 cleaning coffee on hard floors

Tineco A11 cleaning quinoa on hard floor

Tineco A11 Pet Litter on low pile carpet

Ball games were virtually best as the soft roller accessory will essentially breathe in particles before it. I would certainly state that the A10 and also A11 variation is just as good as the Dyson V8 variation.

Regrettable Tineco does not have an alternative with just the soft roller as the Dyson has with Fluffy.

It additionally succeeded at cleaning up fruit loopholes as it grabbed every little thing in its course without the blocking problem I experienced with the Dyson V10

Tineco A11 cleaning fruit loops on hard floors

The majority of the particles went inside the dirt mug with just 2 items of fruit loopholes left beneath the device.

The A11 conventional brush roll is additionally with the ability of cleaning up on tough surface areas yet will not be as efficient at cleaning up huge heaps of messes as the Dyson V10 or V11 would certainly since it does not have the flexible gateways.

Tineco A11 testing the standard brush roll on hard floors

Rug Cleansing

To check the performance of the A11 on carpetings I evaluated it on the exact same 4 particles on both reduced and also mid stack. I additionally did a different examination were I massage 50 grams of coffee premises on mid stack carpeting to see exactly how well it can deep cleanse.

Ball games once more go over for a vacuum cleaner at this cost variety. It in fact ratings greater than the Dyson V8 Outright that’s a lot more costly. Nonetheless, the Tineco purification isn’t just as good as a Dyson so it’s a tradeoff you’ll require to take a look at.

Reduced Stack Rug Examination Outcomes

Tineco A11 cleaning quaker oats on low pile carrpets

Tineco A11 cleaning coffee on low pile carpet

Tineco A11 cleaning quinoa on low pile carpet

Tineco A11 cleaning pet litter on low pile carpet

The A11 racked up a virtually best rating on reduced stack carpeting which reveals you that the multi-tasker power brush suffices to do the job on this surface area.

Nonetheless, I observed that there was a little bit of snowplowing when cleaning up a heap of dust however, for typical day-to-day cleansing jobs, this must not be a concern.

Tool Stack Rug Examination Outcomes

Tineco A11 cleaning quaker oats on mid pile carpets

Tineco A11 cleaning coffee on mid pile carpet

Tineco A11 cleaning quinoa on mid pile carpets

Tineco A11 cleaning pet litter on mid pile carpet

Among the largest shocks for the Tineco A11 is the outcomes on mid stack carpeting. It ratings greater than the Pure One S12 throughout the board. If you have a great deal of mid stack carpeting in your home, this could be a much better alternative.

Deep Cleansing Examination

Following, we’ll take a look at exactly how the A11 does at cleaning up ingrained dust. For this examination, I made use of 50 grams of coffee on a medium-pile carpeting which I massaged with my hand to install it on the hairs.

The Tineco A11 racked up a remarkable 97.2% which is a little less than the A10 that racked up 97.5%. It is in fact greater than the Dyson V8 that racked up 94.3% and also the V10 Outright with a 94.4% rating. Once again, the Dyson might have a reduced rating yet you’ll need to cleanse the Tineco filter a lot more regularly since it has the substandard whirlwind system.

Exactly How Does the Filter Care For the Cleansing Examinations?

I placed the A11 with a great deal of examinations with various sorts of particles so I wondered exactly how the filter would certainly resemble after.

Tineco A11 how the filter looks like after the cleaning tests

You can plainly see traces of animal trash and also coffee left on it. The vacuum cleaner still done rather well regardless of the buildup. Nonetheless, this reveals me that there is a demand to cleanse the filter at the very least when a month to keep the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.

Thankfully, the A11 Master and also Master+ included an added filter so you’ll have something to make use of while waiting on the various other filter to run out if you determine to make use of water to cleanse it.

Exactly How Noisy is the Tineco A11?

To gauge just how much sound the A11 generates, I make use of an audio meter from a couple of feet away.

Below are the outcomes of the examination.

Also at the default setup, the A11 generates over 72 decibels which can be irritatingly loud for some individuals.

At the highest possible setup, the sound degree rises additionally to the 75 dB mark which amounts loud songs.

The A11 has that high pitched whiny sound which is a lot more visible at the highest possible setup.

Every one of these examinations are with the major brush roll connected, which is the arrangement you’ll likely make use of a bulk of the moment.

Dirt Mug Capability and also Layout

Tineco A11 Dust Cup

Tineco claims that the A11 can stand up to 0.6 litres of completely dry dust– which depends on the fill line.

It is a little larger than the Dyson V8’s dirt mug that has a 0.54- litre capability.

Nonetheless, it is smaller sized than the Pure One S12’s 0.77- litre capability.

Something I do not such as with the A11 container is the absence of a sanitary system that aids press the dust down.

The absence of it makes clearing the container a really untidy job, yet fortunately is the entire dirt mug can be taken apart if you require a detailed tidy.

What’s Inside package?

Something special regarding the Tineco A11 Master is the large quantity of accessories that you’ll obtain. It’s obtained greater than the Dyson V8 Outright, which sets you back approximately the exact same.

You’ll obtain an overall of 13 devices, which I’ll sum up in this area.

Tineco A11 Main Cleaning Nozzles The A11 features the multi-tasker (left) and also the soft roller (right) power brushes.

1. LED Multi-Tasker Power Brush: This device is Tineco’s conventional brush roll accessory that functions ideal on carpetings. Nonetheless, the high air flow from the bigger electric motor additionally allows it to function well on tough surface areas (with the exception of extra-large things).

Tineco A11 main cleaning heads view underneath Just how the multi-tasker and also soft roller power brush looks beneath.

2. LED Soft Roller Power Brush: A purpose-built device by Tineco for cleaning up tough surface areas. One attribute that divides it from Dyson’s variation of the soft roller brush is the row of brilliant LED lights.

Tineco A11 Mini Turbo Brush

3. Mini Power Brush: It is a mini powered brush device that will certainly function best on textile furniture.

4. Gap Device: An exceptional device for cleaning up tough to get to locations around the furniture.

Tineco A11 Combination Tool

5. 2-in-1 Cleaning Brush: This accessory incorporates a brush and also a furniture device.

Tineco A11 Flexible Long Crevice Tool

6. Versatile Lengthy Gap Device: The lengthy variation of the gap device with bristles at one end that can prolong additionally for that additional reach and also adaptability.

Tineco A11 Multi Angle Folding Adapter

7. Multi-Angle Foldable Adapter: Among one of the most special devices Tineco has actually created that aids significantly with cleansing locations high over, such as closets and also ceiling followers. This device can fold up at a wide variety of angles so it supplies a great deal of choices for individuals.

Tineco A11 Flexible Hose

8. Versatile Expansion Hose pipe: An additional device that boosts the use and also reach of the A11 around difficult situations. It is just one of my favored devices to make use of when cleaning up inside the car.

Tineco A11 Dual Charging Dock

9. Double Billing Powerhouse/Dock: A wall-mountable dock that can bill 2 batteries at the same time and also hold 3 additional accessories.

Tineco A11 Lithium Ion battery

10 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries: The A11 Master features 2 removable Li-ion batteries that will certainly compete as much as 60 mins incorporated. Keep in mind that the Hero variation of the A11 has the smaller sized 2,000 mAh Li-ion battery that will certainly add to 50 mins (incorporated).

Tineco A11 Automatic Pre-Filter Cleaning Tool

11 Automatic Pre-Filter Cleansing Device: An additional initially from Tineco, the automated pre-filter cleansing device, will certainly cleanse the pre-motor filter without you needing to eliminate it from the vacuum cleaner literally.

Tineco A11 Soft Dusting Brush

13 Soft Cleaning Brush: This soft-bristled device functions fantastic on fragile surface areas such as lamp shades.

14 Expansion Stick: This device provides the A11 its flexibility to work in various setups has a portable or stick vacuum cleaner.

Various Tineco A11 Options: A11 Hero+ vs A11 Master vs A11 Master+

There are an overall of 4 various versions for the A11 All 4 have the exact same electric motor, yet the Master variation has the bigger cell Li-ion battery that runs much longer. An additional distinction is the shade combination with the Hero having heaven and also white system and also the Master with the a lot more attractive eco-friendly and also white combination.

Cleaning up efficiency will certainly coincide since all versions have the exact same power result and also devices.

Please describe the table listed below to see exactly how these choices are various and also the accessories that come with it.

Accessibility of Components

Regardless of being a novice to this area, it isn’t tough to locate substitute Tineco components. You can locate components such as the battery, filter, and also adapter readily available in Amazon.com.

Nonetheless, a few of these components, like the Li-ion battery, aren’t economical, yet having it readily available is far better than not having any kind of choices. Nonetheless, it’s far better to have the alternative to acquire an added battery as opposed to not having the alternative so it is an and also for me.

Taking into consideration the reality that Tineco is a brand-new brand name ahead out, I’m rather happy with the components accessibility.

Item Requirements

Does the Tineco A11 offer great worth?

While the Tineco A11 isn’t economical and also at the exact same degree, price-wise, like the Dyson V8 and also Shark IONFlex 2X, it brings a great deal of worth to the table.

Initially, the A11 Master+ variation has even more accessories than the various other 2 costs brand names I stated which implies a lot more choices and also adaptability.

Both removable Li-ion batteries will certainly compete as much as 52 mins incorporated to make sure that this stick vacuum cleaner will certainly cover a great deal of ground.

Contribute To that the capacity of the billing dock to bill 2 batteries at the same time converts to no downtime (if you do not consume the battery in one cleansing cycle) as you can make use of the vacuum cleaner while the various other battery is billing.

In regards to cleansing, the A11 goes to the same level with the Dyson V8 when it come to vacuuming surface area and also ingrained dust.

I would certainly state that the A11 has the far better conventional brush roll as it can get Quake oats far better than the V8.

If the Tineco Pure One S12 is as well costly, after that the A11 would certainly be an outstanding option that’s lighter yet without the bells-and-whistles.

All 3 versions will certainly do just as well on tough floorings and also carpetings, so picking one will certainly depend upon the devices you require.

4 Reasons you must get the Tineco A11 Master

  1. Great deals of accessories: The Master+ variation has 14 various accessories at hand. It has greater than any one of the Dyson cordless stick vacuum cleaner versions.
  2. Suitable run time: Despite having the major cleansing head connected, the A11 will certainly compete as much as 50 mins incorporated from both Li-Ion batteries.
  3. Bonus battery: Downtime is reduced many thanks to the additional battery and also the twin billing dock that can bill the extra battery while the vacuum cleaner remains in usage.
  4. Superb efficiency: The A11 racked up high marks in almost all of the examinations with far better outcomes than the Dyson V8.

Visit this site to get more information regarding the Tineco A11

The Judgment: That Should Acquire the Tineco A11?

Based upon examinations, the Tineco A11 is an outstanding stick vacuum cleaner that does exceptionally well on wood and also carpeting.

Air movement numbers go over which is a large reason the A11 did fantastic in all of the cleansing examinations.

In between this version and also the Tineco A10, I would certainly invest a bit a lot more for the A11 given that it has far better devices with the fast launch lock that makes it a lot easier to affix and also separate.

There isn’t much of a distinction in between the A10 and also A11 when it pertains to cleaning up efficiency so the making a decision element for me would certainly be the far better collection of devices for the A11

Also in deep cleansing examinations, the A10 and also A11 are exceptionally close and also I really feel that the distinction is minimal.

It’s obtained the brilliant LED lights that’s missing in various other premium choices like the Dyson V8 and also Shark IONFlex 2X.

A Functional Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Below $300

  • Comfort Designs – 94%
  • Surface Area Cleansing – 99.84%
  • Deep Cleansing – 97.2%
  • Top Quality – 95%
  • Layout – 93%
  • Worth – 94%


A Sensible Different To The Dyson V8

The Tineco A11 Master is an outstanding option to the Dyson V8 Outright many thanks to its large range of devices, impressive efficiency, and also above-average high quality. In the cleansing examinations, the A11 racked up greater than the Dyson V8 in a lot of the examinations which consists of deep cleansing examinations on great coffee premises. Regardless of being the a lot more costly alternative, I would certainly favor the Tineco A11 over the A10 since it has far better high quality devices that have a quick-release lock, something missing in a few of the devices of the A10 There are some small traits with the A11 like the tilted tube usage on the major cleansing head so the vacuum cleaner does not go level unless you transform it laterally and also the substandard whirlwind system that implies a lot more constant filter cleanings. Apart from that, this is an outstanding item to take a look at for cleansing your residence.