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It has been hard to resist the headlines, and we can announce with great enthusiasm that Cher is on his way to Hollyoax. Dear McQueen, anyway.

Hey, it’s important to Cher.

Mercedes McQueen, played by Jennifer Metcalfe, prepares to renew her vows with her current husband, Silver, played by David Tug.

How could they know that Silver’s daughter, who he knows nothing about, is hiding around the corner, ready to get some answers

Hollioax claims that the budding hairdresser and beautician Cher is the life and soul of the party. It will conquer the hearts of teenagers and also bring some fun and energy to the village.

She has strong family values – like McQueen – and is willing to learn more about her father. All she knows now is that he’s a convicted murderer. Then who’s not in Hollyoak?

Speaking of joining Hollyoaks, Bethany said: Everybody was so nice. It’s like a small family. I was nervous when I came in, and everyone calmed me down. I really like it. I feel like I learn a lot from the other cast members every day.

Bethany described her character, Cher, as very arrogant!

Dear Holliwack.

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She smiled: She certainly has an attitude, but she’s also caring, and she’s a big family like the McQueens. She’ll always be there for you. I’m very happy to be part of the McQueen family.

This will be Bethany’s first recurring role in a television show. Bethany is a singer and earlier this year she released her first single, titled The Idea of Love.

Bethany turns 23 on Thursday. April, appearing for the first time at E4 as Cher.

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