Leanne Tilsley on Coronation Street.

(Photo: ITV)

Leanne Tilsley (Jane Danson) and Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) were left on Coronation Street, fearing for Oliver’s son’s life when the boy was taken to hospital and transferred to intensive care after another attack.

Leanne was terrified at the beginning of the week when she took care of Oliver, but then she found out he’d had another attack. The boy was taken to the hospital where further tests were carried out to find the cause of the attacks.

Nick (Ben Price) suggested that it could be epilepsy, but it soon became clear that the doctors thought something else was going on.

Leanne Tilsley on Coronation Street.

(Photo: ITV)

After Oliver’s release, Steve decided to take the precaution of staying with Leanne and – during today’s episode – the boy looked much better – which was certainly a relief for Leanne and Steve.

But the destruction doesn’t stop when Nick Oliver wants to read a fairy tale and soon the boy starts to try again.

Toya (Georgia Taylor) called for an ambulance, but Lianne was worried because Oliver didn’t stop trying when he was taken to the hospital.

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After Steve went home to lie down, his closest and dearest relatives were unable to contact him, but they quickly informed him of what was going on, so he went straight to the hospital.

He apologizes for being late, but Leanne doesn’t worry too much because his attention is always focused on the welfare of his son.

Shortly after, the doctor arrived and told Leanne and Steve that the attack was ongoing, so they moved Oliver to the ICU.

Leanne seemed more excited than ever, but is the boy gonna make it?

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