Just a few days ago, Dolly Parton encouraged the world with her words to see that God keeps us in the light of the siege of the coronavirus. She emphasized that the great goal is to see oneself and others through the eyes of love, at a time when tribalism is unfortunately taking over public consciousness.

Don’t be too afraid, Dolly Parton warned us about her social networks and reminded us that God loves us and that we will be the best people to walk this difficult and dark road of great loss and heartache.

As the incomparable songwriter and performer has proven, it is a disgrace to talk cheaply in difficult times. Dolly Parton decided to do something, and even when she hid in Tennessee, she did something that changed her life in light of Cowid 19’s global attack, and the ripple effect will affect generations.

This morning, the 2nd. April, Dolly was scheduled to arrive at Hoda & Jenna & Friends for the fourth hour today for a big day. In any case, the artist instead offered her great heart and humour through technology, as they, Hoda, Savannah Guthrie and Jenna communicated with their own space.

One of the big problems was a large donation to Vanderbilt University.

Dolly Parton wants to work on the bridge with her gift.

Dolly Parton has long supported medicine. She often donates behind the scenes for many medical purposes. However, the coronavirus pandemic is an exception, as a major problem requires major intervention to stop it.

Dolly wore her six-inch heels this morning, but she has risen to $1 million to help Vanderbilt University build a bridge to save lives.

Parton had a long and close relationship with Dr. Naji Abumrad at the University Hospital. The task of the program is to develop treatments that enable patients with COVID-19 to recover until a proven vaccine is developed.

No wonder Dolly Parton has a warm and hazy spot for Dr. Abumrad and Vanderbilt. The queen’s niece, Hannah Dennison, was treated for leukaemia and is known as a children’s hospital. Her aunt Dolly dedicated a butterfly garden in her honour in 2018.

Miracles happen every day, and the world now desperately needs innovative medical research and miracles.

Dolly called on everyone who can afford to donate for any coronavirus disease that touches the heart of any person. We have more money now than time, she said, so it’s better to give it time.

Starting tonight Parton has a personal gift for all ages. Night stories should not be reserved for children.

A good night with Dolly gives all age groups the chance to sleep with Dolly Parton.

Every family is stressed by these unprecedented days in which all aspects of life are disturbed.

Dolly Parton has ambitious plans to continue its worldwide initiative for children’s literacy for many years to come. The time to celebrate the Lady of the Book can come later, right away, a quiet break and the soothing words of a trusted friend are the perfect recipe.

Starting tonight, the 2nd. In April, at 7 p.m., Dolly lies in my bed, and she has explained and read the stories from her imaginary library to everyone she wants to hear. I will also read to you, she assured the ladies today and many other parents who wish a fantastic relief. A good night with Dolly will last much longer than a night.

According to the website of the Imagination Library, the series will last 10 weeks and will also be available on YouTube for children to play over and over again. This time songs with country music and endless TV shows and documentaries are added to the chronicle, but for now a fairytale for the night is a great gift.

Memories of Kenny and a little wedding advice from Dolly Parton.

Dolly shamelessly described how broken I was when she heard of Kenny Rogers’ recent death. I knew he was no good, Parton confirmed, but there was no way to really prepare when a dear friend arrived. The partners of the island duo in the creek were in perfect harmony, and Dolly remembers other happy memories.

She points out that she and Rogers had a close friendship that could have been greater if we were both free, she admits. She described how they shared the same distorted sense of humor in their Texas-Tennessee feelings. I took him somewhere quiet, Dolly Parton thought goodbye. Parton also expressed his love and sympathy for Rogers’ widow, Wanda, and her family.

Because Dolly Parton is known for her positive outlook on life in all situations. Jenna Bush Hager asked if she had a marriage counseling for Wald Kotb.

Well, I can recommend separate rooms now, because we’re all locked up, – teased Parton playfully.

She said that she and her husband, Carl Dean, will celebrate 56 years together in May and that in good times and bad they still rely on humor and laughter.

There is a cardboard song for every age and occasion, and many of them are perfect for a wedding.