Dwayne Johnson shows his granddaughter the importance of washing her hands in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic by singing an aria from a Disney movie in which he plays the lead role.

On Thursday, in the bathroom, the previous attachment expert shared a video about himself and his youngest girlfriend Tia. - You're welcome, jpeg.

In the subtitle he explains that there is a custom in his family unit when a one-year-old child asks him to sing a rap segment of My pleasure from Moana before rubbing himself.

In the 2016 film Johnson sings a melody in the portrait of the mythical Maui creature with a lively charge.

A month and a half ago we discovered that the rap segment of a tune is perfectly planned while your children enjoy washing their hands. Stay firm and safe, comrades, said a 47-year-old boy.

In the video Johnson guarantees his little girl that he will sing her a song after she asks him to.

We show our kids how to wash their hands. You could also say ABC, but we’re more likely to sing the rap segment of Moana’s Dad’s My Pleasure, he says.

Then he takes the washing powder for Tia’s hands before he cuts off the air.

For various reasons, the baby joins the father by looking at him and sitting on the toilet. – You’re welcome.’ .jpg.

the little boy standing by the window: Dwayne Johnson and his youngest girlfriend Tia (Instagram/@therock).

Preview by The Independent Dwayne Johnson and his youngest girlfriend Tia (Instagram/@therock).

The coronavirus has to go away, Johnson said, to get closer to the end of the song.

The father, then three, asks Tia to advise his observers to stay healthy and safe. Leave Video Song You're welcome again.JPG.

The World Health Organization (WHO) makes people aware of open hand washing so that they wash their hands regularly and thoroughly to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

The association is of the opinion that people should wash their hands with detergents and water and emphasizes that they should be properly dried.

Use a solution-based hand brush if you don’t have quick access to detergent and water, the WHO says.

To wash your hands properly, you have to sing Glad Birthday twice, one of which takes about 20 seconds.