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Without a doubt: Battle Royale has just received a new update (v12.30) which has solved some problems in the game. In this respect, it seems that Epic Games has made some changes in the way BR shooters are perceived, as some players have noticed.

Fortnit s sets the observation mechanism in

A Fortnite-Bhronos (@bhronosFN) player logged on to Twitter to show what he had noticed about the directional mechanisms in the game (for players with mouse and keyboard). He tweeted a couple of clips with these changes, the first of which showed that he thought the bribes and blossoming of SMEs were ultimately the same as on the controller.

In addition, the RD also pointed out that the adjustment was more in line with SMEs than with the regulatory botanist.

The second clip with the chronograph showed that the sensation has also been updated. He said the Fortnite players won’t tremble at every shot so as not to spoil their vision. He also noted that the recent shake change has been implemented on both the SMB and the controller.

Fortnite’s RO community has had extensive discussions to achieve the goal of the game. Although recent tweets will not end these discussions, they will in some ways bring the SME players and the controller closer together.

Day of stop

The Dataminators also found some interesting elements in the latest Fortnight update, as one of them could be another important event in the game in the future.

If there’s anything to read on FortTory’s Twitter, Epic Games can get ready for the apocalyptic event at hand. According to the diver’s tweet the following has been added to the game:

  • Doomsday machine
  • Doomsday Door
  • D-Day Hatching

As for Luke’s game, it is not yet known why they are in the perimeter of the agency, but it is believed that their goal could be similar to Porta Potti.

Some people are still confused about some things.
Currently there are 5 traps in the water around the agency. The device is not the place where you can find YET. But he’ll probably be in the punishment room, where we can probably get to him through Midas. Rooms in the menu

– FortTory – Leaks and news from Fortnit (@FortTory) 1. April 2020.

The first picture belongs to the next room of Midas, the second to the room of Judgment Day.
We don’t know much about this Doomsday Room, but I think we can get in from the Midas Room.

– FortTory – Two weeks of leaks and news (@FortTory) 31. March 2020.

Fort Tori also twittered that there are currently five hatches around the agency that are in the water.

King Fortnit, however, pointed out that the device was nowhere to be found, although he believed it could appear in the Doom Room, which according to him was accessible via Midas. He also explained that there might be a secret path to Midas’ room that leads to him.

A Deadpool hunt in sight

Merc with the mouth – Deadpool – was also noted in the game files, because an information leak the antihero pointed to a new attraction in the game – a hunt based on it. There is also a flag holding his trousers and a golden statue of the burglar cat who has put his mask on his head.

He’s probably leaving a trail at Fortnite BR.

Knowing Epic, some of these leaks can be modified or recycled. If this is not confirmed by the game producer, it is best to take them with a pinch of salt.

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