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Horizon Zero Dawn – will there be a sequel to the PS5 starting game? (picture : Sony)

Tuesday’s inbox is back to the strange TV game commercials, while a player struggles with MSD and video games.

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So most rumours seem pretty certain that PlayStation 5 will be released in early June, just a few weeks before Microsoft’s big Xbox event. I’m not sure I believe it just for that reason, but if it’s true and it has to happen one day, what do we think of the starting games?

The only one we know for sure is Godfall, and I think all Ubisoft games will be on the market this Christmas, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs : The legion. The most important Sony exclusive ? My money’s on Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Partisan games are the quietest of the longest, are the most technically complex studios and have already made the starting games, they seem to be perfect.

Then you have a rumour about a remake of Bloopoint’s Demon Souls, which still seems strange to me, but everyone seems to insist on it with great stubbornness. There may be a surprise like Gran Turismo 7 that we haven’t heard about in years, but while everything else seems to have leaked out, I don’t remember hearing anything convincing about it.

Add to free games like Call Of Duty: Warzone and Warframe, and you’ve got the bones of a pretty decent starting team. Although it depends a bit on the quality of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 or something like the main game. It’s a pin for the entire launch. If that’s the only solution, and Halo Infinite is a classic, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily enough. Hopefully we’ll finally see next month.

Hell on Earth
has just watched all our latest videos of the second part (only officially, no spoilers here) after not seeing any since the opening of a video in 2016 with Ellie playing guitar.

Yes, these games have been in production for at least five years and look like hell on earth, the level of violence is extremely high – from the characters’ facial expressions to the feeling of fear I felt when I looked at them, not to mention the fact that realism is an extraordinary phenomenon. This seems to be a big improvement over the original, and the sound of the effects is impressive. But I think young players and people with an aptitude might love the game.

I myself have nothing against such a jump, but after watching the video I felt uncomfortable because some people are confronted with such violence in real life. I hope they find the target audience and not the underage players.
bigboss1960 (PSN ID)

Eight years later
Because the lock was still working, I finally had time to catch up on the game that had been building up for some time. Although I felt a little uncomfortable sitting in front of the TV while the sun was shining outside, it also gave me a chance to enjoy some of the classics I had missed before and to go back to some matches I had never finished.

Among them and within them was SSX (2012). Even though it wasn’t the best game, it was still fun, and I remember enjoying it eight years ago when it first came out. But I never got to beat Griff in the finals. Fast forward to 2020 (and a few disappointed parties later), and I did it!

We’ve probably been talking here for eight years, but although he’s probably not the most complicated boss I’ve ever met, I can’t remember ever being like a pound to finish a game. This includes tormenting bosses like Sigrún (God of War) or games I’ve invested in for months (like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild).

It could be because it took me eight years to finish the game (much more than one of them), or it could just be because I’m 30 years old and I’m a better player than 22! Anyway, I was very happy with myself!

Perhaps the question is what is your best game or achievement? will become a hot topic in the future?

HONG KONG: We’ve done it before, but it’s probably time it happened again.

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Slowly progressing
I play and watch mostly VR games on my YouTube channel and podcasts, and I missed Shenmue 3 when it came out, even though I waited about 19 years.

Anyway, I decided to buy it for the PC from the Epic Games Store for just over 12 euros, so I didn’t have to open the limited edition of PlayStation 4, and I got about an hour.

Wow, it looks like the graphics of the Dreamcast game that I like, but it starts pretty slow in the story. I’m going to work hard with him for the next few days and I hope he’s not 19 before the next episode.

Keep your eyes open!

So I was hoping to get some advice from the GC community. I suffered a terrible injury due to repeated efforts during the game. It started out small, but over the years it’s become something I can’t get around. I’ve taken three months off and toned down typing at work. I have a lot of exercises to try to strengthen my tendons again, but I was hoping to get some advice from everyone who has been affected by such a situation.

I’ve seen some comments on this and I was hoping the readers could give me some advice. If you don’t want to write, please contact me via my Gamertag.

Has anyone in Hong Kong suffered from RSI? Imagine if you could get some tips between playing and hitting.
DarKerR (Gamertag)

HONG KONG: Fortunately, this is not the case, but the reader may be able to help us.

Strange action
As a former owner of the Sega Saturn I really enjoyed the Feature Report of the Commodores Fan’s Reader this weekend. In addition to these sweet nostalgic feelings, he gave details about the failures of the Sega in the time I did not yet know.

But the reason I write is because of the Saturn integrated advertising, which I’ve never seen before. They were completely weird, and I don’t know how they could be designed so that the public would buy a console.

However, it was by no means the only console ad that tried a surreal and moving approach. Do the older readers remember Sony’s intellectual wealth and third place? Or is life short for the original Xbox? I haven’t even seen a scary PlayStation 3 commercial yet. I understand that advertising makes people say it works, but still. Have the total lunatics tried to shake up the image of the game, as in the past of childhood?

Maybe the surrealistic and/or funny Hot Topic video game ads, which the reader prefers, has a bright future? Anyway, here’s a gem to relieve you every day, wikki fuse really!
Mesta Bull

Free or
I hope the CG and the readers stay safe and healthy in these troubled times.

I just saw a good offer on a switch that will help brighten up the blue locks. The NBA 2K20 is available for £2.49! I think it’s £3.99 and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Seems like too good a deal to pass up.

What’s more, the Lego Ninjago video game is free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and currently on PC, which will keep babies occupied while they are in the cage. Take care of everyone.
Cube (PSN ID)/Kevin M/SW-3654-9259-0500

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Last week I wrote that the recent technical demo of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 on PlayStation 5 began to raise unrealistic expectations about what the next generation of games will look like in the near future (and especially how well PlayStation 5 performs compared to other hardware). To make sure there’s no kickback when they find out that the next PlayStation 5 games won’t really look like this, because people will realise that the technical demos weren’t a realistic representation of the real games, at least on PlayStation 2…

To find a few days later a mass article for readers in which he tells how the technical demo completely convinced him that Sony will soon be announced as an exclusive game on PlayStation 5 (as someone who really understands the development of AAA games, know that he will not). It will take years before something close to this fidelity comes into being in a fully-fledged AAA game. The budget and attention needed for such a technology demonstration is far from affordable for a complete game, whatever the studio).

And also false information about how only PlayStation 5 can render them with a custom SSD. And this despite the fact that Tim Sweeney explicitly stated in an interview that the same demo will work perfectly on a PC (with RTX 2070 Super) with a standard NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD, which means that it will work perfectly on the Xbox Series X (and probably during boot thanks to the much larger GPU and the memory bus in a higher resolution than the 1440p of the PlayStation 5).

I have nothing against the technical demonstration itself. It is a clear idea of what will ultimately be possible (keyword here) with this new hardware and next-generation game engine, but I am more and more convinced every day that the way in which Epic and Sony have handled this exclusive marketing deal is going to seriously bite Sony in the ass. People do not see it as a cross-platform demonstration of the engine of future technologies, but as part of the next generation of gaming that they wanted to see, but that Microsoft has not been able to offer them (at least not yet). The expectations of the people of PlayStation 5 (and the next generation as a whole, at least in the short term) have been greatly exaggerated, and I have the feeling that it will be like a rock in the surf this summer if the games are really released for that reason.

Microsoft may have completely blown up its first Xbox Series X event by marking what was essentially a small ad for an AA studio game (it would have been great if it had been announced as such). People’s expectations would be much higher if they knew that most of these games are made by teams of one to fifteen people), because this large AAA third shows the next generation that this is not the case.

But it also means that people’s expectations are not particularly high, and it will be almost impossible that their first evening presentation will not be a huge improvement. Sony, on the other hand, will for a long time try to resist the completely absurd hype that accelerates this selectively sold technical demo left and right, almost whatever they show. All this brings back serious memories of the cell.

HONG KONG: It is almost certain that there will be no kickback, because no one will remember the demo once the real games are shown. We’re not saying it’s necessarily good, but it’s always good.

Inbox also
Wow, the Epic Games Store has distributed 1,768 free game books to anyone who downloads their free games!
Andrew Jay.

I thought Ubisoft said Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would be smaller than the last two games? What happened to him? I don’t want another 50 hours of unnecessary grinding.

HONG KONG: They said it was shorter, so far they haven’t said anything about the size of the map.

This week the hot iron is
. The question for this weekend’s participants was suggested by the Comp reader, which asks which expected game comes closest to or even exceeds your expectations.

The hype can sometimes get out of hand, but which game was so good or better than expected? How often do the games meet your expectations and how often do you get angry if they don’t?

If the game was better than expected, how did she handle the situation? Have you deliberately avoided finding out too much about the subject or have you misunderstood the subject through marketing and feedback? Or were certain details deliberately kept secret?

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