Jake Naylor in Holby City.

Hear me out! Sie lächelt sogar! (Photo: BBC)

The Eiskönigin von Holby City, Jacques Naylor (Rosie Marseille), has a hard time in Kian Madani (Ramin Karimlu)! They quickly established their best Freund Sasha (Bob Barrett) as much as in one of their Treppenhaus springs.

We sahen Jack and Kian in fuller romantic freedom in the production area and were quickly reminded of Chloe (Amy Lennox)’s more french tat.

In professional terms, they also put up a united front to demonstrate, as Jake did, that Qestrel, an in-house company, had carried out minor retransmissions to people. Decide to speak with Max (Joe Martin).

The laurels of the past – or, if you prefer, the present – are to the advantage of the present and the future. In this case, no one had to leave theistanz because of the arrival of a patient who was carrying all kinds of emotional ballast.

Phoenix (Yeshua Glenister) hated a Herzilians, who hated his Mutter Bea Kaminsky. They remember Bea, the woman, from the Kian all the unprofessional things that happened to her, as she lost herself in them and shamed all of them.

Kian told Phoenix that there is and Bea in the business. It did not believe that an operation had to be carried out in Phoenix, but the young men had to do so.

St. Louis in Holby City.

Ein etwas gemischter Start für Louis (Photo: BBC).

Im Theater oorlog Kian offensively abducted and aggravated and pregnant Nicky (Belinda Owus), who is doing the most important work.

In the end, the operation was good, but then Nicky Phoenix said that Kian Bea had operated, while there was suspendiert, and Kians Frau Vanessa would also have been there. Phoenix war wished and exacerbated.

Jake was also interested and annoyed, because Kian could not be allowed to help her in the theatre, and it was not as if he had the raving Revolver in form a very old and fragile stent, who had placed the Qestrel in his patients.

You had to bring it to Max yourself – but Max didn’t bring it to you. Jack has a connection in the Person of Hanssen (Guy Henry), whose reed, a Fall against Qestrel aufzubauen.

When the Kean/Jack-Roman has been left, one can only mutate, because he went into a corresponding position, when Jake was in Pulse at his expected first return (the return was not in Pulse, it was only a hit). There’s a lot to talk about.

Guy Self in Holby City.

It is nice that Louis auf Onkel Selfy aufpasst (Photo: BBC).

Louis (Tyler Luke Cunningham) started seine Karriere as a Krankenpffleger in Holby. If Donna (Jacobs) heard that there was the Sohn of Max’s sei, after all, that there was Lilys Bruder in müsse, Max’ Daughter, who said to her, she said to him.

Of course, this aggravated Louis, who regretted his disengagement because he felt that Donna was in a difficult position. Rick (Hugh Qarshi) was not very happy with this story and talked to him – but Rick after Louis was now a little below his feet.

Then Louis discovered that in Max’ Telefon there was now as Louis and not as Lily, and they seemed to be starting to do so. And as a Krankenpfleger, it’s absolutely charming.

About Krankenschwestern, what is gibt es Neues von Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) and Essie (Kay der Feind)?

It had a better focus, and Fletch had a term for the operation. It’s next week’s Woche, but the corresponding Nachrichten are in the Mythical St. James, not in The Real Holby.

Sasha tried to support Fletch in giving him a crawl, which was an absolute classic of Sasha Levy’s bad history – so much so that he himself hated one – that many crawl based whites were used to lighten the process.

Sue Haasler is the car of famous Romans and the public BBC Holby City-Buch, about which you can learn here.

Holby City geht am Dienstag, 23. June, at 8:00 p.m. on BBC One weiter.

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