For the Rambo circus company since the 13th century In March everything was very difficult. Caught in Mumbai with a whole film crew of women, children and animals, their basic needs and resources were extinguished until actor Kunal Kapoor intervened.

Judith Dilip, owner and director of the circus, tells us that we mainly moved from Sanpada (Maharashtra) to Ayroli when the Prime Minister of Maharashtra announced the closure of the public areas. We also belonged to that category, which includes the cinemas. We’re going to close immediately. Then the Prime Minister also announced a blockade that we had never foreseen and for which we were not prepared.

The members of the Rambo circus

Kapoor, co-founder of the Ketto Crowdfunding platform eight years ago, was contacted by a circus fan. We have been asked to do this because he does not charge and will take care of the welfare and food for at least a month and a half. We’ve reached 60% of our target. Kunal Ji didn’t take a penny from us. As an artist he wants to help other artists, Dilip adds.

In the meantime, the district community and some NGOs have also given them free water. He’s moving on: We stayed in Airol, where we put up a tent. It’s like a campus, and we take orders from the government. Nobody’s gone anywhere, and we’re inside, away from society. We don’t want to bother anybody. We were hoping to get a bank loan, but we are a sector that is always neglected, no one helps us. I’ve done a lot of work, but there are so many rules and regulations that it’s complicated.

Kunal told us in his speech that they are running many campaigns against Kovid-19.

We have already collected about 10 Croatian rupees for NGOs, individuals, migrants, for housing and food for stray animals. Someone approached us to help the Rambo circus and told us that they were performing at the time of the blockade in Mumbai. They couldn’t get away, and the only way to make money is to go from one exhibition to another, he says.

Dr Kapoor added that he recognizes their urgent need for resources: Now they clearly don’t have the money for the essentials. We just started crowdfunding, the goal is about 8 rupees, because they need enough money to last for a while. We built three rupee lakes. The government helps them too, and they need more, because the power is enormous.