Thursday, June 13th, 2024

Garima Bhandari – Award Winning Entrepreneur Who Is On A Mission To Transform Many Lives With Her Inside-Out Holistic Approach

New Delhi, [India]: Garima Bhandari is a stalwart, internationally renowned Yoga, Wellness and Image Coach with an exceptional expertise in inside- out transformations. She is also a globally sought after social media entrepreneur.

As an executive presence facilitator, she has extensively guided and mentored HNIs, individuals, leading corporates, retail, service and hospitality professionals, beauty pageant contestants, university students and staff, high-level executives, housewives, brides-to-be and many more people enabling, enhancing and empowering them with the right tools and techniques.  She equips them with an impactful power of expression through various online and offline extensive courses.

As an extension to her women empowerment endeavors, Garima has started a support community with her hashtag #WomenStartUpSupportByGarimaBhandari where

she is creating a network and community of women who have founded their own start-ups, home grown businesses, mom bloggers where countless women who could now come together and leverage on Garima’s social media reach and network to enable them to realise their dream of having their own, successful business by connecting to an addressable market and a genuine audience .

This network aims to create a powerful army of women entrepreneurs supporting each other by cross-promoting their businesses or initiatives and creating unprecedented reach for their brands. The compounded voice of thousands of women entrepreneurs is something that has never been seen or heard before and Garima believes that her initiative #WomenStartUpSupportByGarimaBhandari can truly fill in this massive gap.

It might seem like a lot from one person but Garima has both the credentials and accolades to prove it. Just to start, she is an internationally recognised and coveted Yoga, Wellness and Image Coach. She is a masterful inside-out transformation guide and uses her substantial skills and domain expertise in the areas of Personal Branding, Green Life Evangelism and Beauty Pageant Grooming. She is a most sought after content creator/social media influencer across all leading social media channels. She creates fresh engaging and transformational content for her audience that garners her authentic following with testimonials in the form of likes, shares and comments for her posts available for all to see. And that is still just scratching the surface.

She has recently been covered by “Forbes Magazine” as one of the most highly celebrated, social media influencers and single Mompreneur. She is covered regularly in leading publications like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Grazia, Good Homes Magazine and Times of India and India Today. She was invited as one of the eminent panelists with other dignitaries from the “Ministry of Ayush” for their first ever “Digital Yoga Conclave 2020”. Some of the other awards and recognition she has been felicitated with are ‘The 100 Most Influential Women in the World’, ‘Wellness and Women Empowerment’ by ICMEI at the 13th Global Film Festival 2020, ‘Young Woman Achiever Entrepreneur Award’, ‘Beti Bacha Award’ (Govt of India), ‘Iconic Wellness Award’ among others.

She is continuously consulted by prominent forums in India and internationally as a thoughtful leader in the industry for several prestigious health summits webinars, panel discussions as a Guest Speaker and Panelist.

She is focused, persistent, and works with her whole heart. Her deep knowledge of yoga sciences and entrepreneurial skills has inspired thousands of women. She also raises her voice for women’s empowerment because she understands how difficult it is for women to work and break the stereotype of being dependent. And lends every support in her individual capacity not just to inspire but uplift and empower other women.

Her deep and holistic understanding of not just the yogic sciences helps her share this knowledge with her students and followers who have a strong resonance for her yoga and pranayama tutorials where she breaks down the intimidating and complicated yoga asanas into very simple, understandable, beginner-friendly forms.

She truly believes in transforming people’s lives for the better through her holistic offerings on personal branding, self-motivation, stress management, time management, fitness, wellness, nutrition, skin-care, healthy recipes and last but not least, as an Impression Management Coach, she helps people foster formidable and lasting impressions basis the ABCDE method – Appearance, Behaviour and Body Language, Communication (vocal, visual, verbal, para-verbal), Digital Media Presence, Etiquette and protocols.

As a highly-celebrated, global social media influencer, Garima has delightful, aesthetic and visually interesting content that is equally informative, insightful, entertaining and offers a great takeaways for her loyal followers. She creates inspiring content in the following areas: Fashion, Women empowerment topics, Motivation, Fitness, Yoga, Healthy lifestyle, Healthy recipes, Ayurvedic skincare, Home remedies, Parenting tips, Beauty, Make-up, Hairstyling, Content coach, Guide rising creators, Start-up and Small scale entrepreneurs. She is very vocal for local artisans’ hand-made, hand embroidered and hand crafted products.

Garima’s plans for the future are to use the voice that she has found on social media to create more and more empowerment for women all across the globe. This is a topic that is very close to her heart as she understands first-hand the struggles a woman endures in our country to break through the patriarchal chains and make a name for herself.

To contact Garima Bhandari , visit her webpage and follow her on her insta@garimabhandariofficial