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Sunshinebaby – a clothing brand for babies, launches a campaign for inclusion of the intellectually challenged kids

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New Delhi (India), March 21: On 21st March, as the world celebrates down syndrome day, Sunshinebaby products proudly talks about a Campaign they have initiated to bring in awareness of “Intellectually Challenged“ kids with a motive of inclusion and to provide employment opportunities. Sunshinebaby products & SWASTHA Institute, A TATA coffee foundation, inaugurated a campaign on “Special Kids Awareness” on the 26th February 2022 at SWASTHA Institute in Suntikoppa, Coorg.

The awareness program will be done through social media & packaging materials that carry a message about kids with special needs. Hoping to make a difference from the second the package leaves their warehouse until it reaches the customers’ doorstep or even further.

The art students of SWASTHA have painted Sunshinebaby gift boxes which will be sold on the website and social media page of Sunshinebaby products. 100% of the amount earned by selling these gift boxes will be given to the child who has painted the box through SWASTHA.

While TATA coffee through SWASTA is generating employment opportunities, Sunshinebaby has taken the initiative to show its creative side to the world. Providing them employment opportunities is the need of the hour & they are extremely thrilled to have started to help this cause.

Their intention to get them to paint slightly distressed gift boxes is to portray & understand that with proper training, people with disabilities can be one of us. They can be as useful as any other child & most times even better.

Sunshinebaby products is a brand of baby clothing that caters to infants & toddlers with a range of 100% organic muslin cotton products. Sunshinebaby products is a one-stop shop for all premium quality muslin cotton baby clothing, newborn essentials & accessories!

Sunshinebaby makes sure style & comfort begins the moment the baby arrives.

Motherhood changed for these 3 new moms as founders. As mothers & working professionals, Diya, Shishik & Lakshmi decided to start off a brand to bring in premium styles with imported quality cotton clothing/accessories at an affordable range.

As new moms themselves, they never wanted to compromise on quality. The moms at Sunshinebaby have tried & tested these clothes on their babies before putting it out in the market.

Hailing from Coorg in Karnataka, these 3 women are firm believers in saving the planet. They promote reduced diaper usage & reduce wastage.

This is what the 3 women have to say” We love what we do & have been making a difference to moms since 2019. Our strive to reinvent ourselves has been the factor that keeps us going. We urge moms to make that choice, go organic on your sunshine”.