Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Infinity Five successfully organized the “Star Brilliance Awards and the 2nd Astrological Summit”

New Delhi (India), August 8: Infinity Five successfully organized the “Star Brilliance Awards and 2nd Astrology Summit” on August 6, 2023, in Delhi. The event was organized at Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp as per Vedic rituals by eminent chief guests Mr. Ajay Bhambi, Mr. Padam Upadhyay, Sidhharrth S Kumaar and the Infinity Five team, including Rita Verma, Surya Aggarwal, Ameet Behll, Deepak Namdev and Sohany Pandey During the lamp lighting, vedic mantras were recited by Pandit Ram Kishore Shastri.

After the deep lighting, the program began with addresses by the chief guests Mr. Dayanand Chandela, Mr. Ajay Bhambhi, Mr. Padam Upadhyay and Sidhharrth S Kumaar shared their views and experiences. Mr. Dayanand Chandela (Former MLA) also shared his life experience. Mr. Ajay Bhambhi shared his experiences related to Samudrik Shastra and the astrology of his life. Mr. Padma Upadhyay shared the tricks of spirituality and his experiences in his speech. Sidhharrth S Kumaar shared his experiences on the importance of a name in astrology as well as principles of collaborations as per RigVeda.

Numerologist Deepak Namdev, Acharya Rajeev Goyal, Acharya Manish Agarwal, Sohany Pandey, Aanchal Chawla and Acharya Joy Banerjee also shared their views and experiences at the conference. Remembering the divine power of God, Sohany Pandey also conducted meditation yoga and filled the visitors involved in the program with divine thrill. Surya Aggarwal moderated the stage with her electrical and infesting energy.

After the Jyotish Sammelan, the Chief Guest, Mr. Dayanand Chandela, Mr. Ajay Bhambhi, Mr. Padam Upadhyay, and Sidhharrth S Kumaar honored the scholars who have done excellent work in astrology and allied fields in the country and abroad by giving them certificates and trophies. Also gave best wishes to Acharya Arvind Bhardwaj was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.