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Futuristic CCTV Technology by Infinova, revolutionizing the Surveillance process in 2023 and the years ahead!

2023 and Beyond: Infinova’s CCTV Transforms Surveillance

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 16: CCTV surveillance industry is highly impacted by technical advancements and has grown drastically with the adoption of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. This has helped CCTV surveillance technology to better safeguard spaces and people, creating a safe environment for them. As of 2023, there have been some pathbreaking technological adaptations that have revolutionized the CCTV surveillance sector. 

“The future of CCTV surveillance is all about technology and its adaptation in a way that no ethical boundaries are violated. At the same time, it is essential that people stay ahead of time and only buy from brands that are secure, trusted, supportive and authentic, as this is a matter of lives and well-being. For years, Infinova has been evolving with the surveillance industry with innovative technology solutions and has been recognised as a trusted and renowned OEM brand when it comes to visual security solutions for all the major verticals worldwide”, quoted by Mr Sumeet Chanana, AGM of Sales for Infinova. 

In this article, we discuss such major trends that are bound to capture the surveillance market in 2023 and beyond. 

1. AI-integrated data analytics enabling real-time analysis: Unlike primitive times, we are not bound to wait for CCTV feeds to be generated; rather, with the help of machine learning algorithms, we can now conduct an analysis of the real-time data on video feeds. This helps in creating an environment of enhanced security with the opportunity to capture real-time events. With increased processing power at the device level, cameras can perform advanced analytics and decision-making locally, reducing the need for continuous data transmission to central servers. This not only minimizes bandwidth usage but also enhances response times and real-time event detection. Infinova has evolved its AI solutions from simple loitering, tripwire and motion detection to include various categories like Video Anomaly, Behaviour Analysis, Sound Detection, Statistics Detection, Optimum Selection, Face Capture, Video Structurization, Person and Vehicular Attributes etc. Catering to a plethora of combinations which can be simultaneously run on Cameras. As the use cases change, there is always a demand for something new, and with AI at the helm, nothing but CHANGE is PERMANENT.

2. 4K and HDMI cameras offer high-end quality: Gone are the days of blurry videos captured from CCTV, today the footage generated by CCTV surveillance cameras is in 4K with high resolution and non-pixelated output, which helps in easy face recognition, critical analysis and is also helpful in storing data which can be sent across channels without the fear of file distortion. 

3. Cloud Storage and Universal Access: With the help of cloud-storage facilities, today, the world has come closer in terms of sharing information and data. This has also enabled the easy management of bulk amounts of CCTV data which need not be deleted but can be captured in archives. Additionally, with the help of a cloud storage facility, access to CCTV footage on mobiles phones has helped in faster tracking and sharing. Sharing files, downloading and uploading CCTV footage, and archiving year-long data have now become easier than ever all with the help of the cloud space. One Drive is one of the most used cloud storage spaces in India and across the world. 

4. Advanced Night Vision Cameras equipped with Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging facility helps in the detection of heat signatures, thereby helping in monitoring movement and people in low-light or darker areas. This helps in capturing movements in the darkest of areas, all with the help of a camera. Infinova is one of the most well-reputed brands known for creating its thermal products range with dual sensors that help in efficiently capturing night movements, thereby offering maximum security. 

5. Privacy Development: The future is all about strengthening the ethical boundaries for surveillance. Features such as on-device processing are in high demand as it offers privacy and security to the users. Infinova has been instrumental in creating products in line with this vision. The brand has been able to acquire OWASP Security Audit Clearance for its vast range of products by government empanelled CERT-IN affiliated agency. 

Smart Home Device Integration: Seamless integration with smart home systems is becoming a norm for modern CCTV cameras. Users can now control and access their surveillance feeds through voice commands and dedicated mobile applications. This integration not only enhances user experience but also unlocks possibilities for intelligent automation and customization of security settings.

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