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Reshaping Women’s Wellness With Advanced Medical Technology

New Delhi (India), August 18: Modern technology has infiltrated clinical practices extensively by providing state-of-the-art solutions that help in healing serious medical problems. The FemTech devices generate a vast amount of data related to women’s health which helps in studying trends, patterns, and potential health risks that can eventually help healthcare professionals make informed decisions. Doctors use medical technology for advanced treatments so that diagnostic accuracy can be improved and medical procedures can be streamlined. 

GenWorks, one of the leading digital healthcare solution providers in India works to make healthcare affordable and accessible. Amongst many other services, the company also sensitizes an increasing number of women about the importance of FemTech by spreading the knowledge of diagnostics, products, and services to focus on women’s health. The company promotes devices for minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures such as The New Eva Pro (Digital Colposcope Powered by Al), Thermo Glide (Treating precancerous lesions with thermocoagulation), Braster Pro (AI-Enabled Breast Health Screening Device), TruClear Mechanical Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System, Voluson Series Products (GE Ultrasound System decreasing maternal mortality rate) and many more. 

On using The New Eva Pro, Dr. Leela, Gynecologist, and GyneOncologist said “The New Eva Pro is a portable device and it is easier to carry to camps as it helps extensively in saving images. The device is able to pick up pre-cancer for early treatment with this technology.” On the other hand, Braster Pro is an AI-Enabled breast health screening device that helps clinicians to detect breast cancer timely. Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar shared how the device helps in case management and said, “A patient aged 46 years old had h/o pain in the left breast and axillary area. On examination, a small mass 2*1cm in size, nonadherent, mobile felt in the left lower lateral quadrant, provisional diagnosis made on CBE fibroadenoma. On visiting Sainiwas Healthcare, a Braster examination was done, with an AI Report showing Benign with no temperature difference. The process saved her life.”

Medicine is a conservative field that approaches innovations related to artificial intelligence algorithms with great caution. The FemTech devices help in fighting diseases that affect the majority of the world’s female population. Dr. Artur Drobniak said “For me, the most important thing is growing awareness of patients about breast cancer prevention. In Poland, only 40% of the population of women over 50 perform mammography examinations. New solutions do not emit radiation and are painless. Braster is the so-called “good enough method” and is sensitive enough and cheap to test large groups of the population. It helps in detecting breast cancer earlier and treating it fully in those cases.”

Sharing her views on Braster Pro and Eva, Dr. Uma Maheshwari said “We use Braster for screening women extensively in our clinics as we do not have Mammo within 100 KM of our hospital. Early detection reverses the symptoms and also allows patients to become normal (No thermal changes) during follow-up scans. We also use Eva for cervical screening and Thermoglide to treat precancerous lesions. We have treated many women with precancerous lesions and this has prevented these from becoming cervical cancer.”

In IVF the key to improving first-time success is to ensure a proper diagnosis is done before assisted fertility. Dr. Chithra, a leading IVF expert in Rajapalayam says “Hysteroscopy is examining the inside of the cervix and uterus using a thin, lighted, flexible tube called a hysteroscope. With the new Truclear mechanical hysteroscope technology you can see and treat as against the conventional blind treatment methods, there is no need for anaesthesia and glycine, and more importantly, with the mechanical hysteroscope, you can see the uterine adhesions (fibroid or polyp) that affect conception,  and also to treat immediately in the same sitting by removing such without affecting the uterine walls as in the other techniques that are harmful to the endometrium and end up burning or destroying the endometrial structure.

Dr. Malaraj, a senior IVF expert from Chennai says that “The procedure is very convenient and the key in IVF is to identify the problem in the uterus which can be anything from a polyp or a fibroid or infection or separated uterus, if we are able to identify early and accurately treatment is easy and in TruClear the significant advantage is it can be done in the same sitting as an OPD procedure without creating any complications. Identifying and treating this problem before the IVF procedure is the key to improving success rates and outcomes.”

Dr Madhubala, a senior IVF expert from Tirunelveli says that “TruClear is a true innovation that has a shorter learning curve and can be used by young experts. This technology while improving success rates in IVF also plays a significant role in saving the uterus in postmenopausal women by identifying and treating noncancerous lesions without having to remove the uterus which causes major hormonal and lifestyle complications.”

Dr. Samar Gupte, a consultant Gynaecologist and a Cancer Surgeon says “A digital colposcope helps with respect to many other traditional methods. It is compact, small, portable, and extremely easy to use as it helps to screen remote and far away areas. The biggest support this colposcope provides is that it’s completely paperless and works best with the Urban Elite group which expects their reports to be sent digitally and immediately. The colposcope also helps in picking extremely small lesions at an extremely early stage. Recently we saved a 28-year-old uterus and the credit goes to the promptness of the device.”

Promoting these FemTech devices, GenWorks aspires to make an increasing number of women aware of and embrace the importance of these devices. Women’s health has been overlooked for a long time and FemTech has the power to provide safe and early treatment options that help save their life. Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks said, “At GenWorks, we aim to ensure that women embrace self-care by offering them a wide range of healthcare accessibility and the FemTech devices we promote help in offering seamless healthcare care to women.”

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