Thursday, July 18th, 2024

Hans Peter, Steve Ashton, Bintang, Karolina Manly, the Team of Tech CoinsQ International Limited

London (UK), September 6: In the realm of highly advanced blockchain technology, assembling a dynamic and visionary team is the key to success. Tech CoinsQ International Limited proudly introduces a quartet of exceptional professionals who are set to steer the company to new heights: Mr Hans Peter, Mr Steve Aston, Mr Bintang, and Mrs Karolina Manly.

Mr Hans Peter: 

Founder cum Blockchain Portfolio Analyst

From the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland comes Mr Hans Peter, the visionary Founder cum Blockchain Portfolio Analyst of Tech CoinsQ International Limited. With a background steeped in finance and a deep understanding of blockchain technology, Mr Peter is primed to lead our company’s blockchain investment strategy.

His role involves strategic analysis of blockchain projects and investments, ensuring that Tech CoinsQ International Limited continues to thrive in an ever-evolving industry. Mr Peter’s expertise will be invaluable in shaping our blockchain portfolio for optimal growth.

Mr Steve Aston: 

Co-Founder and Blockchain Research Analyst

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Mr Steve Aston is one of the co-founders of Tech CoinsQ International Limited. His journey into the world of blockchain began with a passion for exploring the untapped potential of this transformative technology. Over the years, Mr Aston has evolved into a Blockchain Research Analyst par excellence.

His role at Tech CoinsQ International Limited will focus on in-depth research and analysis, helping to uncover innovative solutions and opportunities within the blockchain landscape. Mr Aston’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of blockchain knowledge is a driving force that will guide our company’s research endeavors.

Mr Bintang: 

CEO cum Blockchain Developer

From Malaysia, we welcome Mr Bintang, a luminary in the blockchain space who takes the helm as CEO cum Blockchain Developer. Mr Bintang’s illustrious career spans over a decade and is marked by his pioneering work in blockchain development. His passion for the technology has fueled his journey from developer to visionary leader.

As CEO, Mr Bintang will spearhead our company’s strategic direction, ensuring that Tech CoinsQ International Limited remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation. His technical expertise combined with his visionary leadership promises a bright future for our company.

Mrs Karolina Manly: 

Chief Financial Officer

From the beautiful shores of Croatia, Mrs Karolina Manly joins us as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With a proven track record in financial stewardship and strategic vision, Mrs Manly brings a wealth of expertise to our financial operations.

Her role will focus on managing our financial resources efficiently, enabling us to invest in groundbreaking research and development, expand our market presence, and support our ambitious growth plans. Mrs Manly’s financial acumen is the bedrock upon which our fiscal stability stands.

A Synergy of Excellence

The union of these four remarkable individuals forms a synergy that will undoubtedly reshape the future of Tech CoinsQ International Limited. Their collective expertise, vision, and commitment to blockchain innovation will lead our company to unprecedented success.

As we embark on this exciting journey with our Co-Founder, Founder cum Blockchain Portfolio Analyst, CEO cum Blockchain Developer, and CFO, we invite you to join us in anticipating the groundbreaking developments that lie ahead for Tech CoinsQ International Limited.

Stay tuned for further updates and insights into our company’s thrilling advancements in the world of blockchain technology.

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