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Unlocking the Charms of Finnish Winters: Lestacworld Redefines Travel to Finland from India

New Delhi (India), December 9: To make Finland’s enchanting wonders more accessible to Indian travellers, Lestacworld, a travel startup founded in India in 2015, has been expanding its reach globally, including the USA and Indonesia. The company, dedicated to providing affordable and professional Finland tour packages, is now gaining attention not only from Indians but also from Americans and Europeans eager to explore the beauty of Finland.

Adit Sarin, one of the co-founders, emphasised the gap in the market, stating that many potential travellers from India express a keen interest in exploring Finland but need help finding reliable channels for booking tours. Lestacworld aims to bridge this gap by offering expertly crafted Finland tour packages curated to meet the diverse preferences of travellers.

Ruchita Bhatt, another co-founder, highlighted the global presence of, with marketing campaigns spanning multiple countries. She emphasised the satisfaction of travellers worldwide who have availed themselves of Lestacworld’s services for their Finland tours.

With a promising local customer support team in Finland, the company ensures a stress-free experience for travellers. An experienced linguist proficient in English and featuring Indian members can be reached at the local number (+358 45 73962900) for assistance.

When Should One Book Their Finland Tour Package from India To Finland for Christmas 2024?

For those dreaming of a magical Christmas in Finnish Lapland, Lestacworld advises early planning. The popularity of this destination during the festive season is the most hyped. The company ensures to provide all the necessitated booking Finland tour packages from India well in advance. As of December 2023, some Lapland hotels have already begun receiving bookings for Christmas 2024.

The ideal time to secure a booking for a Christmas experience in Finland is between October 2023 and June-July 2024. City hotels and various activities may be reserved until June-July. Still, early booking is recommended for special occasions like staying in a glass Igloo resort or the iconic train journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

What Will Be the Cost of a Finland Package During Christmas?

Embracing the spirit of Christmas in Finnish Lapland comes with a price. With the high demand during the festive season, Finland tour packages from India are priced at around $10,000, covering all aspects of the trip. Booking in advance ensures a leisurely holiday with memorable experiences, including witnessing the Northern Lights, visiting Santa Claus Village, and enjoying an Ice Breaker cruise.

In a competitive travel industry, selecting the right agency is crucial. is a top choice for Finland tour packages from India. Reading reviews confirm the agency’s reputation for delivering exceptional travel experiences.

Schengen Visa Requirements for Finland Tour from India

Planning a trip to Finland requires careful attention to Schengen Visa requirements. Applicants must complete the Schengen visa application accurately, ensure passport validity, provide passport-size photos, present a round-trip flight reservation, demonstrate accommodation arrangements, submit a detailed travel itinerary, obtain travel insurance, prove financial means, and provide employment or enrollment proof. If required, visa fees must be paid, and applicants should be prepared for a visa interview.

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