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Medaz Hospital, Patna: A Leader in Neurology and Trauma Care in Bihar

Medaz Hospital, Patna, recognized as the best neurology center in Bihar, Medaz Hospital, under the leadership of Dr. (Prof.) Z. Azad, a CMC Vellore alumnus, has established itself as a premier neuroscience hospital in Bihar. Specializing in both neurology and trauma care in Bihar, our facility stands out as the leading trauma hospital in the region.

Our Vision:

Our mission is clear: to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all residents of Bihar and its neighboring states. We relentlessly pursue excellence in providing comprehensive Neuro and Trauma Care in Patna, positively impacting the lives of individuals grappling with complex medical conditions. Our specialized services encompass a wide spectrum of ailments, including Stroke (Lakwa/Paralysis), Epilepsy (Seizure/Mirgi), Neuroinfections like Meningitis and Encephalitis, Brain and spinal Tuberculosis, Complicated Headaches including Migraines, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Nerve & Muscle Disorders, Back Pain, Sciatica, Cervical Spondylosis, Brain & Spinal Injuries, various types of Head Injuries, Polytrauma, Brain & Spinal Tumors, Shunt Surgery, Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Our advanced brain tumour treatment and spinal surgery centre in Bihar is equipped with the latest technologies, providing modern neurology practices and minimally invasive neurosurgery options.

24/7 Emergency Neuro and Trauma Care:

Our commitment to offering 24/7 emergency neuro care and comprehensive trauma management ensures that we are always ready to handle critical cases. Medaz Hospital’s Neuro and Trauma department operates round the clock with an expert team of in-house Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Trauma Surgeons, Intensivists, Critical Care Experts, Neuroanesthetists, Orthopedic Surgeons, General Physicians, and Surgeons. This dedicated team ensures immediate and specialized care for patients facing life-threatening neurological diseases, Acute stroke, polytrauma cases, and critical conditions.

Excellence in Healthcare:

At Medaz Hospital, we provide comprehensive neurological services in Patna, ranging from advanced neurosurgery to state-of-the-art neuro facilities. We have assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced ex-senior consultants, surgeons, and multidisciplinary clinical experts from renowned institutions such as CMC Vellore, AIIMS New Delhi, SGPGI Lucknow, and many others. Our team of expert neurosurgeons in Patna and top neurologists are skilled in managing complex conditions like stroke treatment, seizure management, and brain injury treatment. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has been recognized, and we proudly hold the title of Best & No.1 Neuro & Trauma Center in Bihar, awarded by Times India Group & Asia Today Group.

Cutting-Edge Treatment and Research:

Medaz Hospital consistently upgrades its medical facilities and services to provide effective and cutting-edge treatments. Medaz Hospital is also at the forefront of neurology research, innovations & relentlessly improving services to the community. Our dedicated research wing collaborates with world-leading scientists and researchers, ensuring that we offer world-class Neuro and trauma care to the people of Bihar.

Community Outreach and Health Education:

Being Bihar’s best Neuro and trauma centre, we take personal responsibility to extend our services beyond the boundary of the hospital & engage regularly in community outreach programs and health education. As part of our commitment, the hospital regularly organizes free medical camps, workshops, and awareness campaigns to empower individuals with knowledge about common neurological illnesses and trauma prevention.

Accessible Quality Healthcare:

Medaz Hospital is committed to offering premium healthcare that is accessible to all, regardless of economic status. Our patient-centric approach ensures that each individual receives personalized attention and comprehensive support throughout their medical journey.

Our goal is to empower each individual with the healthcare solutions they deserve, guiding them towards a healthier and happier life.

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With our commitment to excellence and dedication to serving the community, Medaz Hospital aims to be your first choice for Neuro and Trauma care in Bihar and beyond.

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