Thursday, July 18th, 2024

Edhas Group Paves the Way for Sustainable Growth: Unveils Ambitious 1018 Crore Investment Plan and Innovative Initiatives at Pre-Vibrant Summit 2024

Gandhinagar (Gujarat) [India], December 21: Pre-Vibrant Summit 2024 was scheduled at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Edhas Group came into an MoU with Government of Gujarat, and proposed an investment worth 1018 crores in various sectors including fuel (ethanol), organic and natural farming, pre-biotic cosmetics, semi-conductor manufacturing, FRP roads manufacturing, and IT consulting. The event also witnessed the presence of Chief Minister Bhuprendrabhai Patel.

Under the leadership of Edhas Group, a biofuel manufacturing plant with a capacity of 280 KLPD (Kiloliters per day) is being established in Vadodara district, Gujarat. Mr Hareshbhai Parvadiya, the founder and director of the company, has stated that this ethanol will be used as fuel in vehicles in the near future, creating employment opportunities for over 1000 people in this expansion.

Edhas Group is also launching an extraordinary brand called “Cowberry,” and the company’s CEO, Kaushik Sonani, has mentioned that through this project, they aim to provide 100% pure, zero-pollution, and animal-friendly organic certified products to the people of India through online and offline stores. The Cowberry project, along with India’s largest agri-tourism project, aims to create a “Cowberry World” in Vadodara district, with 200 acres of organic certified plants. Krunal Parvadiya, the company’s director, has stated that Cowberry FPO management software will simplify connecting farmers in India with natural farming, and the brand’s e-commerce platform will make organic certified products, including spices, cereals, and lentils, accessible to households in India and abroad.”