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Arthur Henry, Riva Arora’s song ‘YUNHI’ Takes You on a Magical Romantic Journey

Launch saw the presence of Ramji Gulati, Adnan Khan, Shadan Farooqui, Amaan Furniturewala, Gultesham, Varsha Usgaonkar, Prashant Sharma & many more.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 27: Today marks the much-anticipated launch of the enchanting romantic song, “YUNHI,” featuring the magical collaboration of Arthur Henry, and Riva Arora. Presented by The Star India, “YUNHI” is a testament to the brilliance of its stellar team and cast, promising an unforgettable audio-visual experience. The song is produced by the talented Shivangi Pandey, under the directorial finesse of Manoj Singh. The Director of Photography, Mahesh R. Gupta has skillfully captured the essence of romance in breathtaking landscapes, adding an extra layer of magic to the song. Harshit Arya and Rohan Soni, the voices behind the melody, have not only lent their exceptional vocal prowess but have also poured their heart and soul into the lyrics and composition, creating a musical masterpiece. The choreography by Rikki Gupta weaves seamlessly into the narrative, enhancing the emotional depth of the song. Nitesh Tank, the skilled editor, has meticulously crafted the visuals to complement the rhythm and emotions, ensuring a seamless flow that keeps audiences engrossed. The executive producer, Qadir Ali, has played a pivotal role in bringing together this creative marvel.  The music, released under the esteemed banner of Zee Music Co, promises to be an instant classic, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners.

Reflecting on the song, actress Riva Arora says “YUNHI is a heartwarming journey that encapsulates the beauty of love in its purest form. Portraying this story alongside Arthur Henry has been a delightful experience, and the song’s enchanting melody truly tugs at the heartstrings. The picturesque locations and the creative brilliance of the team, led by Director Manoj Singh, have made this project truly special. I hope YUNHI brings a smile to the faces of those who listen, as it did to mine while being a part of it”.

“YUNHI is a poetic symphony that resonates with the essence of love. Collaborating on this project has been an enriching experience, and the song beautifully captures the depth of emotions. Working with such a talented team and sharing the screen with Riva Arora has been a joy. The song’s melody and visuals create a timeless tale of romance, and I’m excited for audiences to immerse themselves in its magic” says Arthur Henry.

“YUNHI is a labor of love, a melody that transcends boundaries and speaks the language of the heart. We poured our souls into the lyrics and composition, and collaborating with the incredibly talented Arthur Henry and Riva Arora added a magical touch. We hope YUNHI becomes a timeless reminder that love, like music, has the power to touch every heart” says Harshit Arya & Rohan Soni.

Producer Shivani Pandey says “YUNHI is a journey through emotions and melodies that resonate deeply. Working on this project has been a creative adventure, and I am immensely proud of the exceptional talent and dedication of our team. From the captivating vocals of Harshit Arya and Rohan Soni to the picturesque visuals crafted by Director Manoj Singh and DOP Mahesh R. Gupta, every element harmoniously came together to create magic. YUNHI is a testament to the power of collaboration and a celebration of love in its purest form”.

Director Manoj Singh says YUNHI is a visual and emotional tapestry that unfolds the story of love with grace and sincerity. Directing this music video was a captivating journey, and every frame is a testament to the passion and dedication of our incredible team. From the serene locations to the nuanced performances. I am grateful to have been a part of this project, and I believe it will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who experience its magic”.

Watch the song here

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