Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Surat hosts “Masters Meet Masters” for peripheral vascular disease

The event brought together leading Indian and international doctors and served as a platform to enhance treatment modalities for the disease.

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 4: Concept Medical, a leader in driving innovation in medical devices, organised an educational event focusing on peripheral vascular disease, in Surat. The event brought together leading international and Indian doctors to share insights into the treatment of the disease and discuss the latest advancements in the field.

Named “Masters Meet Masters,” the event facilitated the exchange of knowledge regarding new treatments in the vascular space, strategies to halt the disease, relief measures for patients, and other related aspects.

The eminent experts included Dr. Sahil Parikh from New York, Dr. Eric Secemsky from Boston, Dr. Brian DeRubertis from New York, Dr. Edward Choke from Singapore, Dr. Ramon Varcoe from Australia, and Indian specialists such as Dr. Sameer Dani, Dr. Girish Reddy, Dr. Tapish Sahu, Dr. Girish Varavadekar, Dr. Sai Kanth Deepalam, Dr. Jenny Gandhi, Dr. Paresh Patel, and Dr. Narendranadh Meda.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Sahil Parikh highlighted the low awareness regarding peripheral vascular disease. He said that patients apply ointment or take a painkiller in case of pain in the arms or legs, but realise the seriousness of the ailment only when it spreads.

“When this happens, the blood circulation stops completely. In case the patient is suffering from diabetes, it can result in gangrene and even lead to amputation. When the infection has spread to such a level, there is little the doctor can do to treat the patient,” he said.

Speaking about the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, Dr. Sahil Parikh said that patients are treated using a stent, Percutaneous Old Balloon Angioplasty (POBA) or Paclitaxel drug-coated balloons, but the Paclitaxel is not suitable or safe for the human body. He also said that inserting a normal balloon or POBA is not a permanent solution as the patient continues to need further treatment. 

“A new option has been found in the form of Sirolimus coated balloon, which does not allow the infection to spread. It also does not cause any harm to the body. Patients are benefiting from it and its use is rising,” he said.

Dr. Sameer Dani said that peripheral vascular disease occurs due to blockage in the blood vessels, caused due to cholesterol.

“MagicTouch PTA, a Sirolimus-coated balloon, is an innovative treatment for the disease. For patients having blockage below the knee, it is not possible to insert a stent and in such cases, the balloon is the best option. This is a new invention by Concept Medical,” he said.

While translating Dr. Edward Choke and other international faculties Dr. Dani added that “Talking about Drug coated balloon technology, there are number of companies who are manufacturing Paclitaxel Drug coated balloon as Paclitaxel is easy to coat on Balloon but it is unsafe for human body. He emphasised that the safest drug was Sirolimus, but it was impossible to coat it. Dr. Dani added that Concept Medical’s MagicTouch is the world’s first Sirolimus-coated balloon, which has undergone extensive trials. It is IDE approved by the USFDA and CE Approved in Europe and is widely used in Europe for treating peripheral vascular disease. This treatment iption of Sirolimus Coated Balloon for treating peripheral diseases is gaining popularity and good results. He stressed the need to spread greater awareness in India about the availability of this new treatment option, which is widely available across all the medical centers and Hospitals in India.”

Dr. Manish Doshi, Managing Director of Concept Medical, expressed, “The company is committed to providing safe and effective healthcare solutions like MagicTouch, which is the world’s first Sirolimus-coated balloon from India. It is already IDE approved by the USFDA for Clinical Trials for the treatment of severe critical limb ischemia (CLI) due to the superficial femoral artery (SFA) and below-the-knee (BTK) vessels. It has also received two IDE approvals in the coronary space,” he said.

Furthermore, he expressed his concern for a clean diet and a healthy lifestyle, which play a key role in avoiding vascular diseases. “We’ll emphasize and encourage industry partners to come up more and more with such initiatives aiming for public awareness on available treatment options for various vascular diseases. Initiatives like this bridge the gap between international expertise and indigenous insights, fostering collaboration to reshape patient care in the field,” Dr. Doshi added.

The event’s highlights included comprehensive discussions on vascular diseases, expert insights into disease detection and treatment, exploration of advanced treatment options, and the importance of clinical trials. It acknowledged Concept Medical’s milestone of becoming the first Indian company with two IDE approvals from the USFDA in perioheral treatment and other 2 IDE approvals in Coronary Space, emphasising its global commitment to understanding and advancing vascular disease treatments.