Sunday, July 21st, 2024

Bhavika Maheshwari donates Rs. 50 lakh to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust

Bhavika has travelled more than 50,000 km and conducted over 300 programmes to raise awareness about national consciousness and other topics.

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 23: the grand consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on Monday, and the entire country is immersed in the devotion of Lord Ram ahead of the much-awaited event. The name of an 11-year-old girl from Surat has been added to the list of people who have contributed to the construction of Ram Temple. The young child, a well-known spiritual and motivational speaker, has donated Rs. 50 lakh to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust.

The Trust launched a campaign to collect funds for the construction of the Ram Temple in 2021. Bhavika had resolved to contribute funds for the temple’s construction. Her dedication to the cause became evident as she conducted Ramkathas at many places and raised Rs. 50 lakh, which was donated to Govindgiri Maharaj, the trust’s treasure.

What makes Bhavika’s contribution particularly noteworthy is her ability to inspire other young children to donate to the cause from their piggy banks. The contribution of Rs. 50 lakh in the collection drive of Rs. 3,200 crore for the temple adds a unique and heartening dimension to her efforts.

At a time when the young generation under the influence of the Western culture, is busy spending time on mobile phones, creating reels and watching web series,  Bhavika’s efforts to spread the Indian culture among the masses is truly inspirational.

Even during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bhavika displayed compassion by visiting isolation centres, providing spiritual solace through her spiritual discourses. She also organises programmes to address issues such as suicide prevention. She also organised a ‘Vichar Shuddhi’ discourse in Surat’s Lajpor central jail to help purify the thoughts of 3,150 inmates.

Bhavika has travelled more than 50,000 km across the country and organised 300 programmes to raise awareness about national consciousness and other topics of national interest among people. She has authored three books and has raised appreciation from the President of India Droupadi Murmu, Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, and many chief ministers. Many ministers and other political leaders have encouraged her by highlighting her social media posts. She is the recipient of the International Ramayana Award in addition to various national awards.