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Standard Cold Pressed Oil Celebrates 8th Anniversary with the Grand Launch of Cold Pressed Mustard, White Sesame, and Sunflower Oil Varieties!

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], January 31: Standard Cold Pressed Oil, a passionate leader for authentic cold pressed oils celebrates its 8th anniversary with a renewed commitment to its mission – the company has become a leading provider of premium til oil, reviving the legacy of “Naattu Marachekku Oil” that our forefathers cherished.

In 8th anniversary, Standard Cold Pressed Oil launching the new 3 products: Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, Cold Pressed White Sesame Oil, and Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil – are extracted using the traditional “Chekku” (Kachi Ghani) method, preserving the natural nutrients and vibrant flavors that modern processing often strips away.

Once upon a time, our great grandfathers headed to the local oil store with an empty can, where they’d fill it up with the liquid gold – cold-pressed oil. And guess what? It cost them ₹5 per litre.

Cold pressed oil wasn’t just oil, it was a way of life, a secret to their robust health. Fast forward fifty years, and we find ourselves in a world where shiny, refined oils have taken over the kitchen shelves.

Gone are the golden days, when our great grandfathers lived long, healthy lives, seem like a distant dream now. It makes you wonder, is technology a blessing or a curse? Well, much like a coin with two faces, technology has its dark side, and it’s led us to unhealthy living.

But here’s the million rupee question – Is the so-called “edible oil” on the market really edible? Are we savoring the same quality, taste, and nutrition that our forefathers relished decades ago?

Enter the heroes of our story – Standard Cold Pressed Oil, a venture born from the dreams of 3 brothers Shanmugham, Harish and Raja hailed from from the humble agricultural family in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, decided to turn back the clock and bring back what our ancestors cherished – “NAATTU MARACHEKKU OIL” (Natural Cold Pressed Oil). You might also know it as Wood Pressed Oil, Kachi Ghani Oil, Chekku Oil, or Marachekku Ennai.

These brothers, shared a common love for quality food and a dream to bring unadulterated goodness to every kitchen. They set out on a mission to ensure that you and I could reconnect with the authentic flavors of South India, just like our great grandfathers did. They wanted us to savor the pure essence of “NAATTU MARACHEKKU OIL – COUNTRY WOOD PRESSED OIL”

More than just a business, Standard Cold Pressed Oil is a community driven enterprise rooted in values. They understand the importance of offering genuine, wholesome products to nourish both body and soul.

Here’s what sets Standard Cold Pressed Oil apart:

-India’s No. 1 online store for premium cold pressed oils: They have earned the trust of over 75,000+ happy customers across India.

-Unwavering commitment to tradition and authenticity: Every drop of their oil reflects their dedication to bringing back the pure essence of edible oil.

-Unmatched quality and affordability: They offer free home delivery above ₹1000 and convenient Cash on Delivery options across India.

-Customer satisfaction at the heart of everything: Timely service and a focus on quality ensure you have a seamless experience.

Join the Celebration:

-Experience the goodness of cold pressed oil: Order online at or call +91 9677227688 / +91 9677063560 

-Celebrate with exclusive discounts: Use the coupon code WELCOME and enjoy special anniversary offers throughout the year. 

-Share your story: Use the hashtag #SCPOAnniversary #BringBackTradition on social media to share your own experience with Standard Cold Pressed Oil.

8 Years of Excellence, A Journey Forward:

This anniversary marks a significant milestone for Standard Cold Pressed Oil. It’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to health, quality, and purity in the world of cold pressed oils. As they embark on their next chapter, they remain dedicated to providing the best for their customers and communities.

About Standard Cold Pressed Oil:

Established in 2016, Standard Cold Pressed Oil has consistently delivered excellence in the field of cold pressed oils, cow ghee, nattu sakkarai, palm jaggery, pure honey and 80+ natural products. Founded on the principles of traditional extraction methods, the brand has become synonymous with purity and nutritional value in every drop of its oils have physical shops in Chennai and Hyderabad and delivers PAN INDIA with COD.

Reach out and become part of the journey:

Website: and

Phone: +91 9677227688 and +91 9677063560

Google Reviews:

With dedication and passion, Standard Cold Pressed Oil continues to redefine healthy living, one delicious drop at a time. Join them in celebrating their 8th anniversary and embrace the goodness of pure, traditional oils.

Founder’s Reflection:

The visionary behind Standard Cold Pressed Oil, reflects on the journey, saying, “As we celebrate 8 years of Standard Cold Pressed Oil, we are filled with gratitude for our customers, partners, and the community that has supported us. This anniversary is a moment to appreciate the journey, acknowledge our growth, and look forward to continued excellence in providing the best cold pressed oils. Reconnect with tradition, health, and taste – the Standard Cold Pressed Oil way.

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