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Breaking Boundaries: Top 10 Companies Redefining the Industry Standard

New Delhi [India] May 21: The world is constantly evolving, and all industries are being reshaped. At the forefront of this change are a handful of innovative companies. These aren’t just following the status quo; they’re breaking it. They’re pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and setting new standards for what’s possible. From revolutionising how people interact to pioneering sustainable solutions, these industry leaders pave the way for a brighter future. Let’s delve into the stories of 10 companies breaking boundaries and redefining what it means to be at the top of the game.

Mindset Makeover

Bhushan Bhatt, a life coach and mental health expert, is on a mission to transform the lives of one million working professionals. With over 22 years of experience in the corporate world and expertise in Mind Power and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Bhatt helps individuals achieve success, happiness, and overall well-being by focusing on mental wellness.

Bhatt’s best-selling book, “The Rapid Mental Wellness Model,” and his signature program, “Mindset Makeover 2-Day NLP Challenge,” teach participants the tools to cultivate emotional intelligence, build stronger relationships, find inner guidance, and live a more purposeful life. Additionally, he offers personalised coaching sessions and training programs specifically designed for working professionals, guiding them towards self-discovery.

Bhatt’s “Mindset Makeover” focuses on various aspects such as confident self-expression, mental clarity, goal achievement, healthy boundary setting, and maintaining a work-life balance. His passion for mental health and belief in personal growth empower individuals to thrive in both professional and personal spheres.


EdTech ERP 

EdTech ERP, comprehensive education management software, is here to streamline operations and empower a better learning experience. Schools and universities can sigh relief since EdTech ERP tackles administrative burdens easily, freeing educators’ time to focus on what matters most: their students.  

EdTech ERP, founded by Ashwini Kondhalkar, fosters a collaborative environment by creating seamless communication channels between teachers, students, and parents. Streamlined processes like attendance tracking and grade management remove tedious tasks, allowing educators to dedicate more energy to fostering a positive learning environment.

EdTech ERP provides solutions for educational establishments, encompassing preschools, primary and secondary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and training and coaching centres. Offering a unified platform solution catering to the entirety of the educational domain signifies a transformative approach to academic administration. Unveil the ways in which EdTech ERP can enhance productivity, economize resources, and alleviate pressure. Don’t miss out on these time-saving benefits—get started today! 



Inspired by the struggles cloud kitchens face, Subhash Sahni, a food blogger and IT specialist, recognised a rare opportunity. He grasped this opportunity in 2009 and founded Restromark, which has operated as a guiding light for countless cloud kitchens to thrive in this competitive market.

Restromark’s secret sauce is in its strategic approach. It understands the value of third-party delivery applications such as Zomato and Swiggy. By utilising the broad reach of these networks, Restromark assists cloud kitchens in reaching new audiences and increasing their online presence.

Restromark enables restaurants of all sizes, from new start-ups to renowned names like Biryani Blues, to thrive in the digital age. Its expertise reduces expenses and increases visibility, allowing clients to focus on what’s most important: delicious food. Restromark provides services such as online reputation management and personalised marketing to help restaurants succeed in today’s competitive industry. https://restromark.com

Ivory Films

Decoding New Trends for Old Age Traditions- Ivory Films, led by a dynamic duo, Abhishek Kanani and Milan Kanani, this premier wedding photography enterprise has carved a niche with a blend of expertise and creativity. The company embarked on its journey with the engagement celebration of renowned singer Armaan Malik and influencer Aashna Shroff.  

Abhishek Kanani, co-founder and cinematographer with a decade of experience, has garnered praise from industry luminaries such as Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chaddha. His association with Canon as an influencer further cemented Ivory Films’ reputation. 

Milan Kanani, co-founder and creative force, ensures that every project exceeds expectations. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to timely delivery, Milan’s touch elevates each creation to new heights. Their vision is to capture the sincerest moments of every couple’s journey. Their capacity to oversee numerous shoots while upholding outstanding quality indicates their commitment to their profession. 


Socket Healthcare

Socket Healthcare, a Delhi-based healthcare brand, offers inclusive prosthetic and orthotic solutions with compassion and innovation at its core. The brand’s success stems from the visionary leadership of its founders – Mr. Kapil Kumar Tyagi, an amputee driven to help others like himself; Mr. Murli Mohan, a veteran professional serving the disabled community for 30 years; and Ms. Leishaa Tomar, who found her calling contributing to society through innovative solutions.

With plans for setting up 900 centres nationwide and a team of dedicated doctors, Socket Healthcare prioritises personalised, superior care beyond just products. Its treatment procedures set new standards of excellence in the orthotic and prosthetic field.

Believing inclusivity is key, the brand organises camps, peer support networks, and social communities to foster a sense of empowerment through shared experiences. Its impressive 1.5K+ success stories and 98% device comfort rate highlight the tangible impact they make.


JMC Hotels and Resorts

India’s top mid-scale hotel group, JMC Hotels and Resorts, is gearing up for significant growth. This hotel chain was founded in 2011 by Mahindra Desai, a hospitality expert with over 27 years of experience. It currently operates 20 hotels with 609 rooms throughout three states and plans on growing. 

Driven by Mahindra Kumar Desai’s experience at renowned chains like Taj Hotels, Sayaji Hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels and the positive feedback from over 5 million satisfied guests, JMC Hotels and Resorts has set an ambitious expansion goal. It aims to grow from 30 hotels to over 40 with 1500 rooms across India, creating new job opportunities and meeting the growing demand for high-quality hospitality experiences. 

JMC Hotels and Resorts is committed to exceeding guests’ expectations by providing great service, comfortable accommodations, and a variety of on-site amenities, including home stays, apartments, restaurants, banquet halls, party locations, and even event management services. This focus on guest satisfaction, coupled with ambitious expansion plans, positions JMC Hotels and Resorts to become a major player in the Indian hospitality industry.


Basic World Academy

Gorakhpur’s educational scene has transformed, making it easier to prepare for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE and NEET. Basic World Academy, Gorakhpur’s first tech-enabled coaching institute, founded in 2022 by young entrepreneur Deepak Singh, has brought this transformation. Recognising the need for a more flexible approach, Basic World Academy offers a unique blend of online and offline learning, catering to individual learning styles.

This academy’s ‘Teach-Enabled’ approach allows educators to personalise courses for each student. Furthermore, its specialised research and development staff creates targeted study materials to help students achieve in competitive tests. 

Deepak Singh’s vision aims to transform Gorakhpur’s education with Basic World Academy by making quality education accessible and effective for all. With its innovative approach and focus on student success, this academy is shaping a brighter educational future for Gorakhpur.

Canada Job Bank

Canada Job Bank cuts through the clutter of outdated listings, misleading offers, and endless searching. This Ontario-based platform offers a reliable and efficient solution for both employers and job seekers. 

Unlike many other online job boards, Canada Job Bank prioritises verified opportunities. Job postings often undergo a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), ensuring employers explore all options to hire Canadians before seeking foreign workers. This translates to peace of mind for job seekers, who know posted jobs are legitimate and offer real hiring prospects. This user-friendly platform offers a diverse range of verified postings across various fields, making it a perfect fit for seasoned professionals and recent graduates.

Canada Job Bank promotes a stable job market environment through verified opportunities and a streamlined hiring process. This fosters economic growth and benefits everyone, from seasoned professionals to recent graduates.


Tuliep AI Solutions

Tuliep AI Solutions, led by Harshit, has launched the Top 1% Prompts – an AI bundle to enhance productivity and skills across various professions. This innovative offering provides a comprehensive collection of top-tier prompts, guides, e-books, tool lists, and prompt libraries, benefitting diverse fields like sales, marketing, HR, fitness, project management, digital marketing, and education. 

The launch comes at a crucial time when AI-human collaboration is becoming vital. Harshit emphasises that people must upskill and build AI-leveraging skills to achieve productivity and efficiency. From students to professionals and business owners, the Top 1% AI Bundle equips individuals with the knowledge and tools top performers use to thrive in this AI-driven age. 

By bridging the AI-human gap, Tuliep AI Solutions sets a new productivity and efficiency standard. As AI capabilities evolve, leveraging Tuliep AI Solutions’ offerings can lead to professional and personal growth.


Luxsun Energy India Pvt Ltd

Luxsun Energy India Pvt Ltd was founded by Yash R Gautam in 2021. A setback in his final school exams forced him to take a different route. Instead of feeling defeated, Yash saw this as a chance to carve his way.

He rejected traditional careers and decided to focus on the future, founding Luxsun Energy. His vision was clear:  harness the sun’s power to create a cleaner, more sustainable world. He delves into solar energy,  designing and building systems for homes, businesses, and factories.

Luxsun’s first project was a home solar panel system, a tiny spark that ignited a fire. 

The company followed that success with many more installations, all focused on reducing reliance on fossil fuels. It didn’t just offer practical solutions but also smart ones. Luxsun’s unique designs meant its solar panels were efficient and looked good, blending seamlessly into any space. https://luxsunenergyindia.com

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