Jack Black now on TikTok!

Jumanji actor Jack Black drops the shirt-less dance video on TikTok. It was his first video in which he danced free with sunglasses, a cowboy hat, boots and black shorts.

Silver striped coronavirus :

Jack Black is ticking right now… Picture.twitter.com/O5ji9L2dgv

– Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) 31. March 2020

Jack is the one who always makes us laugh; even his little act is so funny that we can’t stand him without laughing or laughing. In this time of pandemic, in which everyone is so tense, he continues to entertain us with his short 30-second video.


– Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) 31. March 2020

The 50-year-old made his debut at TikTok (@jackblack) and quickly became a trendsetter. He came to TikTok sometime this weekend. He was seen dancing freely in his backyard. Jack was so stupid that he showed some of his kicks, turns, jumps and some of his running moves. You can’t tell if it was his dance or his outfit that made the video so hilarious.

The same goes for me.

– Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) 31. March 2020

Some people twittered and said he had helped cheer them up during this coronavirus pandemic. No doubt Jack Black is trying to learn something new and make us happy during this quarantine. He tries to smile at others in these difficult times.


– Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) 31. March 2020

Basketball player Rex Chapman presented his video titled Coronavirus Silver Lining :  Jack Black is ticking right now… The clip became so popular a few hours after the exchange.

Many fans have commented on messages like I’ve seen 10 times, athletes, my God, it’s beautiful and many others.

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