James Charles, no stranger to the controversy, is back in the limelight. This time he’s under a scanner to record domestic violence in TikTok.

What’s going on?

TikTok has many problems with hashtags, which have become viral not only in the application but also in other social networks. People who work on other social media platforms also face this challenge. Right now, TikTok tends to shoot with guns. Users must use their criminal imagination if they are caught by the police. Many users have tattoos, stains, piercings on their heads. This call received over 106 million views from TikTok.

What exactly did James Charles do? What does the public say?

Following the current trend of the Mugshot Challenge for the popular video sharing application TikTok, James Charles has published his opinion on the Mugshot Challenge. On his picture the cup shows bleeding noses and a black eye. The image immediately provoked a lot of reactions and criticism. Many women named James because he portrayed domestic violence in his own image. The image was perceived as insensitive and provocative to those who have been or are being abused in the past.

https://morningpicker.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/screen-shot-2020-04-06-at-3-31-58-pm-1586203011.png Credit : James Charles

You know what’s not cute? Makeup and tiger many people who suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. It’s not a super cute shit trend, you and everyone else should be a lot less committed. Totally unpleasant. Disappointed, but not surprised.

-Nikki Marie Photo (@NYCNolita) 6. April 2020

https://morningpicker.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/screen-shot-2020-04-06-at-3-31-38-pm-1586203010.png Credit : Importance of the pins

Not only James Charles, but also many popular influencers took part in the contest. They said there was nothing wrong with entering the competition because hashtag was fashionable and made waves among teenagers and other users. He defended his position in the next tweeting reaction.

Hey, sweetheart, I’m really sorry you had to go through something so awful and traumatic. This is the trend of the tick tock, where people spread out their cups and have nothing to do with domestic violence. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

– James Charles (@jamescharles) 6. April 2020.

This development is essentially problematic. It glorifies police violence and assault. It is not good to characterise violence and ill-treatment, because domestic and physical violence are still common today.