If you live in a pandemic situation, you should often talk to someone about your state of mind. But not everyone has the ear and the medical care they need. Even if we break taboos, it’s not easy today to get medical advice if a session of about an hour is worth no less than a bomb. Especially if your company is faced with a financial crisis or a recent wage cut, these costs will continue to hit you and force you to spend them unnecessarily.

Since the blockade, mental health care has been under surveillance, and since the recent death of Bollywood actor Sushanth Singh Rajput, many have spoken of the excessive cost of sessions conducted by practicing psychiatrists. Is there an alternative?

We have a weekday for free sessions, by appointment. We also have a discount for students because many teenagers come to us for help and do not support their families and are not aware of the child’s mental health problems – Harlin Kaur, psychologist.

Many NGOs and mental health professionals offer free or discounted advice. In the current period we have made all our services such as therapy, webinars for individuals and organizations available free of charge. We understand that the blockade has been accompanied by many financial, emotional and interpersonal problems for people, and this is our way of contributing to society, says Harlin Kaur, psychologist and program manager of the Manas Foundation. The non-profit organization had already set up mental health programs in the period before the blockade, and Kaur reports : We have one day a week for free pre-registration sessions. We also have a discount for students because many teenagers come to us for help and their families do not support or know about their child’s mental health problem.

For those who don’t want to go to a therapist, but don’t want to separate themselves from their emotions by expressing them, there is an online speaking platform – VentAllOut (www.ventallout.com), with which you can share your emotional problems and complaints anonymously. It is very important to break your frustration into small pieces before it becomes a volcano and erupts. Like many other break rooms that have emerged in the city – where you can beat the disappointment – we’ve created a free and popular online platform where you can do the same by sharing what you want while remaining anonymous. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, people can exchange information here without fear of being judged, prejudiced or confronted with trolls because everything is anonymous, explains Sumit Mittal, the founder of the platform.

Experts say that in many cases, if a person regularly expresses their emotions in a healthy way, the need for therapy with
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) decreases in the long term.

Those who want to take a step forward and not just express their emotions can turn to experts who can work on our platform and provide psychiatric services, and the first 15 minutes are free, Mittal adds and communicates : We have also set up a refund program for users who write on our platform because we want to encourage the exchange and expression of opinions. We have discovered in many cases that if a person regularly expresses their emotions in a healthy way, the need for therapy decreases in the long term.

There are individual psychologists who give free advice to people from marginalized communities, and even to people who cannot afford the cost of therapeutic sessions. Speaking about the recent news of the deaths of four miners in connection with the death of Rajput, Vibhuti Sahai, co-founder of Gleeful Soul, a non-profit organization, said Children see celebrities as role models and try to imitate them. It is therefore important that parents explain which behaviour is negative and which is positive and conspicuous. It is necessary to refrain from an unhealthy analysis of such incidents, which in turn prevents a person from justifying such an action and having nothing to do with it. In addition, the personal consumption of disturbing messages should be monitored, as excessive consumption of sensitive messages leads to disturbing emotions and thought processes. And for every problem there is a solution; opening communication channels so that expression can take place.

Sahai adds: We offer free advice to people who cannot afford the average rate paid by a psychosocial professional in a metropolis like Delhi. Mental health should be accessible and affordable for all. Many members of the LGBT community and various sectors of the economy are looking for therapy with our Skype pens. And best of all, they can stay anonymous if they want to.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact your nearest mental health professional:

  • The Manas Foundation offers free consultations for one week. Contact: +91-8802023901
  • If you remain anonymous, you can get free advice on Skype : gleefulsoul.
  • Other direct routes : Aasra: 022-2754 6669; Snow Foundation India: +91-4424640050 and Sangiwini : 011-24311918

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