Chicago quarterback, Mitchell Tubes Bears.


Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trumpets is not afraid to take Nick Falls to work. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Pictures)

Would a quarterback competition in Chicago be the best thing that ever happened to Mitchell Trumpetsky? The News Herald, a Cleveland newspaper, interviewed Cade McClure, who grew up with Trubisky and went to Mentor High School with her quarterback. In high school, they played soccer and basketball together, and he knows Trubsky well.

McClure, who is currently a promising player for the Chicago White Sox, provided insight into the relationship of his friend and former teammate with the Bears by attracting veteran Nick Falls, who is applying for the position. And it turned out that the presence of madness can be exactly what the BQ needs in the fourth year to finally take the next step.

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McClure on tubes: I don’t think he’s too worried.

McClure told the News-Herald that he had recently been in contact with Trubiska and shared Trubiska’s reaction following the purchase of Foles on the market. I wrote Mitch right after all this, and this is what he does: Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! ” Mr. McClure said. Mitch is a competitive and confident guy. I don’t think he’s too worried about Nick Falls. He is more motivated than ever and will not bow down to (if). I know, Mitch will fight and compete.

He also pointed out that he hasn’t seen Trubsky so confident since… well, ever.

Mitch knows he’s had a bad year, McClure said. But his confidence is great… he’s in soccer mode.

Mitch Trumpet was never really complicated in Chicago

Bear quarterbacks Mitchell Trumpetsky and Chase Daniel.

GettyFormer Chicago Bears backup quarterback Chase Daniel was a trumpeter but never a serious opponent. (Photos Getty)

Trubsky has never had starting problems after taking over Mike Glennon four weeks before the 2017 season. The bears paid Chase Daniel $10 million for his work as Trubsky’s mentor and assistant from 2018 to 2019, but the team never intended Daniel to challenge their former sophomore. That won’t happen to Falls, because he swore to give him everything he has to win the starting position.

If Trubsky succeeds and finds a way to defeat Nick Falls to begin with, it really is the best scenario for the Bears. He is only 25 years old and his athletics cannot be denied, even by the most virulent critics. But he must first know how to read the defense and at the same time carefully check his problems. Trubsky didn’t play consistently enough to get a position without winning it, and the Bears certainly forced him to do so after recruiting a more talented veteran than Chase Daniel as he gave up his five-year option.

When Trubsky regains his confidence on the soccer field, the Bears and their fans will finally have their quarterback franchise. That’s a big if, but Fole’s presence seems to have set a fire near Trubsky that never happened before.

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