It’s been two days since lockdown and we know how you feel now. You must have counted all the tiles in the bathroom or made friends with spiders and cockroaches in your room. Maybe you’ve covered the miles on your social network, and yet you thought only ten minutes had passed. You probably have imaginary conversations with imaginary friends, too. But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. We have a solution for all of you, and bibliophiles will love it.

Meet this group of young men and women who founded the WhatsApp group for the sole purpose of sharing eBooks and PDFs of rare books. By spreading the message #StayHomeReadBooks, Turya Basu, Aditya and Sandipan took the initiative to encourage everyone to spend time at home and explore the infinite world of literature.

All we have to do is fight this war from home, Basu, one of the founders of the Kazappa Library, told the Hindustan Times. Within a few days, this virtual library has seen a rapid influx of members.

#Stay at home and read books
Turya Basu

This message was spread when the recruits answered the call of these young men.

This message has also been adopted by France.

And if this message shows you interesting names to your fellow losers, then this weird trend hashtag on Twitter is just what you need to check out. The hashtag #ShowYourShelves gives non-Issis the opportunity to show all the books in their collection, and people participate of course.

Here are some rich treasures published on the microblog site.

# Show your shelves my favorite # # Blessed pleasure

– Peter (@PeterWBA68) 25. March 2020.

Because Kenji. #ShowYourShelves

– Nicky Panetta (@nicie_panetta) 26. March 2020.

# Show your regiment # # Classic science #

– Sarah Dalton (@monarchlady222) 23. March 2020.

This Twitter user accepted the challenge and placed a photo of his virtual library.


– Yuri Akopov (@y_akopov) 24. March 2020.

Reading books can be the most productive way to spend time on this urgent need for relaxation. So let us release your favorite copies or get inspired by these babies and create your own digital libraries. (Remember, however, that you may not distribute e-books that are less than 5 years old).

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