LAND ORANGE (CBSLA) – Summer temperatures in Southern California have brought tens of thousands of people to Orange County beaches over the weekend.

The beach parking lot is closed to encourage people to stay at home as much as possible, including easing some restrictions in Orange County.

Shit! Shit! Gavin Newsom is unhappy with the number of people who came and said it could extend the government’s order to stay at home for a few weeks.

POWERFUL: During the heatwave at the weekend the visitors were stranded in Huntington Beach.

I can’t impress more Californians watching that we can’t see images like the ones we saw, especially on Saturdays in Newport Beach and elsewhere, Newsome said.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA– 25. APRIL 25th. In April 2020, people will gather on a beach north of Newport Beach pier in Newport Beach, California. (Michael Hayman/Getty Pictures)

In Los Angeles County, where stricter rules still apply, things have changed dramatically as the virus continues to spread.

Coronavirus deaths in Los Angeles County doubled in just one week, and county residents are grateful for the instruction to stay home.

I praise our community for keeping us from the beaches of Los Angeles, LAPD Leader Michelle Moore said on Twitter on Saturday. Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Dockweiler – very good! It’s safer at home if we arrive early.

Congratulations on the stay of our church on the beaches of Los Angeles. Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Dockweiler – very good! It’s safer at home if we come early.

– Chief Michelle Moore (@LAPDChiefMoore) 25. April 2020.

The beaches of San Diego and Ventura are also closed, making Newport and Huntington Beach even more crowded than expected.

It was chaos, a resident said. Things got out of hand, too many people turned against each other.

In light of last weekend’s busy weekend, the Newport Beach administration said it would vote Tuesday on whether the beaches would remain open for the coming weeks.

There are new cases in Orange County and Newport, said Leanne Colton of Newport Beach. It is very irresponsible to keep the beaches open.

Eric McCoy, the commander of the Huntington Beach battalion, said that if they had more guests next weekend, there would be no room for beachgoers to practice the physical distance that health workers maintain, which is very important to prevent new infections.

McCoy says Huntington Beach is keeping a close eye on what Newport Beach decides to do because it could affect the crowd.

I think most of our decisions are related to what happens tomorrow in Newport Beach, he said. If they decide to close their beach, we have some very important decisions to make this week, because I don’t think we can handle the influx of people who have come to our beach in Newport this weekend.

The overwhelming majority, with five out of seven members of the city council voting in favour of the resolution, should close Newport Beach.