Although the title Parasite, I think the story is about coexistence, said Song Kang-ho, protagonist in a South Korean film about the division of classes, when he and his co-writers won the highest award in the category Best Actor at the SAG Awards.

The victory of Bong Joon Ho’s film, which has come a long way from the festival grounds to the highest award ceremonies in Hollywood, is close to the Oscars, where many predictable international films and the most coveted major film are shown to the public.

In his opening speech, Song said, through an interpreter, that he felt honoured to receive the award for the many great actors he saw.

Even though it’s called a parasite, I think it’s about living together and how we can all live together. But to be rewarded for the best ensemble, it occurred to me that maybe we hadn’t made such a bad film. It is an honor to receive this award for such great actors that I admire, I will never forget this beautiful evening, thank you, he added.

Choi Wooshik, Park So Dam, Cho Yo-jong and Chang-He Jin are also members of a lower class family who are beginning to enter the world of the higher class and learn how it ends. The film also shows Lee Soon-kyung, Ji Ji Seo and Lee Jung Eun. Bong said he was happy with this season’s winning film series, but he didn’t hold his breath at the Oscars.

Brigade Parasit is rewarded for the exceptional performance of the film.

It is true that the momentum is growing and that we are in the race for prizes, but I think it was really important tonight because these actors have been recognized by their colleagues and that is the greatest joy of the evening. As far as Oscar is concerned, no one can predict what will happen, said the director backstage, reports Deadline.

Choi Woo-shik, who plays the son of the Kim family, said he hopes the prize will open the field for more foreign language films in the future. Besides us, there are so many legends abroad. I really hope that after this time, maybe next year, we can see more foreign-language and Asian films, he said.

Lee Soon-kyun, who plays the patriarch of the Park family, made a joke that the actors now look like Hollywood parasites when the film is presented. I hope that with this opportunity and the success of the parasite, different film industries around the world can coexist and rub shoulders, he added.