More than 2 years have passed since my permanent (laser) depilation of the legs, bikini line and armpits. I am fully delighted and I will tell you why because, although it is more and more common, a lot of information and details are missing on the internet.

This is an important subject for many of us and that I know because there are so many of you asking me about it. Know that it is a long process, but which brings such comfort to everyday life! A bit like my eye operation (also laser). It’s a super big topic, there are so many aspects to cover that I encourage you to watch the video I made. It is very complete.

Is laser hair removal the miracle solution?

Simple answer: it is an enormous comfort on a daily basis, and on many other aspects!

First good point, saving time. Whether you are a razor, wax or electric epilator, it takes time, and it comes back very regularly! In addition to attacking and weakening your skin with each stroke of the razor, the pain must be taken into account, because regardless of the method, if you want to pull out a hair, it hurts! Financially, this represents a huge cost over a lifetime, which is more with the costs of institutes or hair removal equipment which can be very high.

Does laser hair removal require a specialized location?

Warning! Pay close attention to the place you choose for permanent laser hair removal, as not all hair removal centers are created equal. Some people can sometimes sell you a “permanent hair removal” when it is only pulsed light (a very different technique, less expensive, almost painless but effective for only a few months, even years). You have to choose a center where there is at least one doctor (often a dermatologist who has followed additional training dedicated to laser hair removal), guaranteeing the quality of the service and the techniques used. You can also turn to an independent dermatologist, more expensive due to the cost of the material to be amortized.

Remember to ask around you and those around you, the recommendations are always very good to take to choose such an expensive service that has an impact on your health.

How long does it last ?

Well, there is no official answer because it will depend on the areas to be waxed, your hairiness, your skin color and other physiological factors.

As far as I’m concerned, the doctor estimated between 5 and 8 sessions, I had 12 in the end. At the rate of one session every 3 months (the time for the new hair cycle to regrow), this lasted about 2 years.

From what age can I have permanent laser hair removal?

Doctors advise against starting permanent laser hair removal before at least 21 years old, because until this age, the body is still evolving and growing, and new waves of hair arrive every month! You should know that women will have “new hair” until about 27 years old, when we become “stable”, especially at the hormonal level.

As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t want to wait until 27 years old and I started laser hair removal at 23, to be quiet when I was 25! So it’s been almost 2 years since I have had sessions and for the moment, the result is durable. I had a few very fine hairs to grow back, especially in the armpits, but with regard to the bikini line or the legs, it’s almost imperceptible.

In any case, I will do a few more sessions after knowing more about laser treatment cost and having children because pregnancies and hormonal changes tend to generate new hair growth. So in a few years, I will do ⅔ sessions again to be rid of my hair for life!

Is the result really up to the task?

For my part, the results were quite impressive and visible from the first session … Once the laser was passed, I did not see my hair grow back for 6-8 weeks (which represented the new hair cycle that was happening). And after this session, the hairs became thinner and less and less numerous …

Today, after 4 years (article update in April 2020), I haven’t had much regrowth. Apart from the armpits where I have 3 hairs on each side that I pull out once every 2 months, I have almost nothing left. I have maybe 2 hairs left on the bikini line and less than ten on the legs (not to mention that these hairs are all very fine and almost invisible…).

Laser hair removal, how does it work?

Before the session, you must shave the part to be depilated (I specify to shave and not to depilate). Then during the session, the laser will target the melanin of the cut hair, reach its bulb and destroy it by very high heat (this is why you must not be tanned otherwise the laser will burn the melanin in your skin) . Once destroyed, the hair will no longer grow back. The remains of the “dead hair” will fall off naturally after a few days after waxing.

The best candidates for laser hair removal are people with white skin and very dark hair, as there will be very good contrast and the laser will be very effective on these hairs! Dark and dark skin tones will have different lasers, suited to their melanin-rich skin type, but which will be slightly less effective on fine hair. Regarding fair skin with blond or red hair, unfortunately, laser hair removal is not yet possible because there is not enough melanin in the hair to be detected by the laser … (but with the speed at which innovations happen, it will surely be possible in a few years!).

The cost of the operation, without tongue in cheek!

There are several criteria to take into account for the price: the city in which you are, the center / practitioner you choose, and the area (s) to be waxed. In my case, for a legs / jersey / armpit package, I paid € 450 per session in Nantes. Today, in the same center, prices have increased to € 550. So it’s a hell of a budget, especially with ten sessions. But there are so many benefits that I can only recommend laser hair removal to everyone!