Priyanka Chopra and several other celebrities have condemned the alleged murder of George Floyd in the United States because of the color of his skin. She said it was everyone’s responsibility to raise themselves and put an end to this hatred.

Priyanka took her to Instagram and showed her a picture of George’s last words: Please, let me catch my breath. She wrote: So much remains to be done, and this work needs to begin at an individual, global level. We all have a duty to educate ourselves and put an end to this hatred. To end this war that is raging here in the United States and all over the world. Wherever we live, whatever the circumstances, no one deserves to die, certainly not at the hands of others because of the colour of their skin.

She gave details of the incident that led to George’s death and wrote on the 25th. May George Floyd have been nailed to her neck by a policeman from Minneapolis and died. He lay there, fighting for his life, fighting for his breath, and the other officers stood there and watched. The officer is accused of murder. George, I pray for your family. She also asked her fans to sign a petition to get justice for George.

Lisa Ray described how discrimination is also widespread in India. She wrote: Don’t turn around. It is best to look inside yourself to see what kind of hatred is deep inside you that affects all your good deeds. There is systematic hatred and racism everywhere. This is for #GeorgeFloyd, but in India we have our own deep-seated prejudices that need to be eradicated. Our own abuse of power and privilege, institutionalized fanaticism and the cells in our heads to fight them. Take this time to dedicate your part of the soul quest.

Singer Rihanna also went on Twitter to share her anger. She tweeted: If first-degree murder is a reasonable consequence for drugs or resisting arrest… …what is the proper consequence for murder? !? # George Floyd, Ahmod Arbury, Brenna-Taylor

If voluntary manslaughter is an appropriate consequence for drugs or resisting arrest… …what is the appropriate consequence for murder? ! #GeorgeFloyd #AhmaudArbery #BreonnaTaylor

– Rianna (@rihanna) 30. May 2020

Beyonce sent a video message on her Instagram account: We need justice for George Floyd. We’re broke and we’re disgusted. We can’t normalize this pain. She also asked her fans to sign a petition calling for more charges against those involved in George Floyd’s death.

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Singer Cardy B also wrote on her Instagram account: That’s enough! And what will it be? A civil war? The new president? Violent riots? I’m tired. I’m tired. The country is tired! You can’t scare people, if you do, show them what a coward you are! And how America is not really a free country!

Demonstrators marched, stopped traffic and, in some cases, violently beat up the police when protests broke out in dozens of American cities on Friday after a white policeman pushed him in the neck and detained him in Minnesota.