Bold and daring rumours mock the fact that Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) and Eric Forrester (John McCook) are facing a difficult time because of their decision to discover the kisses of Brooke Logan (Catherine Kelly Lang) and Bill Spencer (Don Diamont). She feels justified, and Eric doesn’t agree at all. Looks like it’s either a fracture or it’s giving Brooke a chance to lure Eric out of Quinn’s claws.

Quinn and Eric have an excellent relationship. She has a chequered past, and he still loves her. He’s the man behind the success of Forrester Creations.

It is a coincidence that most of them thought they would fail, but so far they have solved all their problems and there is a real love between them.

But fans of Bold and Beautiful believe this plan could cost them their marriage, and Eric plans to lobby for his ex-wife and daughter-in-law Brooke.

Eric fights to forgive Quinn the brave and beautiful.

The only thing many viewers agree with is that Eric is going to fight the idea of forgiving Quinn for leaving the path of sabotaging the Brooke and Ridge reunion.

For reasons that most viewers don’t understand, Eric has a lot of respect for Brooke and will do his best to protect her.

According to the soap festival, Eric will consider his options and possibly apply for a divorce. As B&B fans know, Eric is a forgiving man, but Quinn could push him to the limit.

The part that makes it difficult for Eric to forgive his wife is his unwillingness to apologize for releasing the video that reveals Bill and Brooke’s kisses.

The audacity and beauty showed that she did not know what to apologize for. She sees courage in her actions, and she should be praised for exposing the evil Brooke. But Eric finds his actions brutal, despicable and downright disgusting.

The Queen and Shawna Era in Vegas will only make it worse.

Bold spoilers tease the fact that Quinn decides to visit his best friend Seanna Fulton (Denise Richards) in Las Vegas.

The Bold and Beautiful episode shows that Sean left Los Angeles to take a step back after his feelings for Ridge became a problem. She loves him, and she can’t stand by while he tries to make her marriage work with Brooke’s deception.

Ridge missed it too when he went to see her in Vegas. As already reported in the Blast News, they had a bit of fun while they were drunk, so he woke up and couldn’t remember anything. Shauna decided to keep the details of the night to herself and sent him home.

Then Quinn shows up and two schemers come up with a plan. Nobody knows what the plan is, because the channel is not producing any new episodes because of the COWID 19 pandemic.

We know one thing: Quinn and Sean could cause trouble for Brooke.

Ridge and Sean could be the next big pair in.

According to the Daily Soap Dish, Ridge can look for change, and he can see the perfect vehicle for it in Sean. As the daring and handsome actor Torsten Kaye explained, Shauna’s figure is a relief.

So, if Ridge and Sean become a couple and Quinn still refuses to apologize, what would that mean to Quinn and Eric? This could get you in trouble, because Eric has very strong feelings for Brooke. Quinn may face a decision to apologize for releasing the video and revealing the kiss or losing Eric.

The question is this: Would she risk Eric fixing it with Brooke?

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