Candy Berrass was upset by the video NeNe Leakes had made, and Riley Berrass’ mother was sure NeNe was talking about her. Candi shared the IG’s office, which didn’t take long, and explained what it was all about.

Shadow Hall has captured the post, and you can see it down there. Also check Neo’s reaction.

Some people agree with Kandi and say she was right because Ne Ne Ne really talked about her. Others say NeNe certainly didn’t mean Candy.

the pendant said: The crazy thing is, Candy didn’t have a fallout, just SPECIALs. Kim is late for the party, and the family is 1 w But Kim doesn’t have a supporting role in RHOA, so I don’t know, it’s like one minute she’s cool, and then she turns to ♀, how many times have she and Kim felt left out? Теперь она и Ева, Ева, тоже посмотрели на нее сейчас, якобы она пришла за Кэнди(мужчиной) ♀, если она не говорила о Кэнди, просто скажите, что это не о………..оскорблениях Лол.

Another commentator seems to have gotten angry about the whole drama and said: Throw out the whole show. This drama is ridiculous right now.

Someone else said it’s sad that not all slow people here understand that Kandi calls himself that.

This text was written by another enthusiast: Nene’s got all the money. And it’s a confusion between giving and giving.

Somoen overshadowed Neo and said… She can’t change who she is. And the denial is so real. It’s a little sad, actually. All that money and I don’t know how to be happy.

The man agreed and wrote: Yeah, she’s bitter. She’s always following someone. She’s lonely. That old man doesn’t satisfy her. She’s not happy.

Another RHOA fan also thinks NeNe was really talking about Candy: When we talk about Kandi, because Kandi is the only CURRENT RHOA actor who has spin-offs after spin-offs, Nene’s fans are just as delirious as they are, I see.


What do you think of all this?


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