SGB+ will keep them online on a weekly basis for the half-yearly reminders.

The photo was kindly provided by Zachariah Brown.

The SGB will hold its weekly online sessions for the rest of the semester.

With a wave of the gavel, Zaharaia Brown, the president of the student government, started the first SGB meeting ever held from his canteen.

At Brown, together with other board members, a new RoHS system for public meetings was tested – group discussions via zoom.

Mr Brown began by announcing that students can always ask questions to the SGB, which will be answered by board members during and after public meetings, as well as by Dean Kenyon Bonner.

We have worked hard to write down the questions the students are asking us and we will present those answers at community meetings starting next week, Brown said.

According to Brown, there will be open zoom sessions during the rest of the semester, where students can participate and ask questions. The link will be published in the social networks of the SGB at the end of this week, with the announcement of Tuesday’s meeting. The number of participants is limited to 300, according to the zoom guidelines.

During presentations to the Board, Executive Vice-President Anais Peterson reminded students of Pitt Mutual Aid, a tool for students and members of the community dealing with different forms of susceptibility to coronavirus outbreaks.

Mr Brown concluded by recalling that although KGB members are not physically present on campus, they are there to listen to the students’ concerns.

We’re always there to be with every student on campus, Brown said.sovereign gold bond calculator,sovereign gold bond rate today,sgb 2019,sovereign gold bond returns,sgb price today,sovereign gold bond certificate not received,sovereign gold bond price history,sgb 2020