As the NFL draft approaches later this month, rumors are spreading about which teams the players like, which are going up and which are going down.

There are rumors that the Miami Dolphins are not enthusiastic about being quarterbacks for Alabama Tua Tagovayloas and may instead take fifth place for Justin Herbert in Oregon.

This would keep Tagovayloa on ship number 6 of the Los Angeles Chargers, which raises the question if the shippers should choose Tagovayloa when he is at the pickup?

Los Angeles clearly needs a quarterback. Tyrod Taylor is currently on the list as a starter, and chargers don’t seem to be everything that interests Cam Newton, James Winston or Andy Dalton.

That may change, of course, but at the moment everything seems quiet on the signal front for Los Angeles.

Does this mean the Bolts are looking at the design? It’s quite possible.

About a month ago, Tagovayloa was almost consistently considered the best quarterback of the year in the concept class behind LSU’s Joe Barrow. A lot of people still think that.

Herbert, however, has climbed maps, and it should be noted that he, as Tagovayloa, is not at risk of injury.

But if Tagovayloa is near the Chargers, they’ll probably have to take it, because they may not have a chance to sow a face like Tua again for a long time.

These opportunities are infrequent and if they do occur, they should be seized.

Again, I may contact Tagovayloa, but if he’s on board number 6, he’s gone crazy. Los Angeles has just separated from Philip Rivers, so he clearly wants to make a new start under the center. Taylor’s not the fresh start the Chargers can take and none of the veteran quarters I mentioned earlier.

And if you look at the list in L.A., he’s actually quite talented. The chargers have weapons and strong protection. Yes, they certainly need help in the front line and could use more passing riders to support Joey Bos and Melvin Ingram, but in terms of overall talent they are not as sterile as most other top 10 teams.

Remember, it’s only two seasons in Los Angeles and it doesn’t look like the chargers are going to stink for long.

The fact is that their primary need is in the spotlight, so why not choose Tagovayloa? He would have had several guns at the same time, and he would almost certainly have started from day one.

Los Angeles seems too perfect for tagovayloa.

Anyway, I think the Chargers should have a quarterback, or Tagovayloa or Herbert, but if the Dolphins decide that Tua is too risky, the bolts should be there to take it and try their luck.

Stephon Gilmore, the Patriots.