Star Wars’ Ashley Acstein joined Nation today in a podcast to talk about Ahsoka Tano. He was asked if fans should still consider his character as a Jedi, and the answer to that question is quite complicated. She also talked about her new children’s book Star Wars I Padawan. Ahsoka is hot now, the clone war is starting again, and rumour has it that the Mandalore will have a power user in the coming season. But nothing solids on the last one so far. The question whether Ahsoka is a Jedi after getting lost in the Clone Wars seems to come up again and again. She was right to keep order after everything that happened. Actionne did his best to solve this problem and claimed it was his personal reading of the situation.

That’s an excellent question. I’m going to write a foreword in which I say that this is just my opinion and how I define it, because all the questions in the story should definitely go to Dave Philoney, Actionine started. Sometimes when I say things, people think she knows things, and it’s scanned, and it’s actually just my opinion, but I think Ahsoka is trained in a Jedi temple, so the Jedi must be the keepers of the world, you know, the peacemakers, and they have to help people do good and bring hope, and Ahsoka takes that very seriously, and she left the Jedi Order because her trust was broken and she didn’t believe anymore and knew what she believed, but she didn’t believe that they were behind it after it happened to her.”

So Ahsoka continued her journey, but I think the only thing that has always guided her is that she has really gone back to her roots, and what she has learned is hope for me, she added. In my opinion, Ahsoka represents the light side of the Force, all that’s good, and she says that in Skywalker’s Rise, the first part of the line, let the light guide you, and Ahsoka says how she led us.

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Einstein claims… : So it is clear that Ahsoka has always been guided by the Light, and so have I, not to bind my book, but I will come back to that because at the end we will talk about the last lesson, choosing your own path, and Ahsoka has chosen her own path, but I think she’s still on the path and she’s still true to what she’s learned and I think she basically wants to be a spark of hope, whether she’s helping to start a rebellion or, you know, leading Ray to the light or helping each other, no matter what.

Finally, she said that I think Ahsoka is probably one of the purest Jedi at heart, because I believe she has never deviated from what she has learned.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be broadcast on Disney+. The Action Book. I’m an available Padawan here. Look, the nation is here too!

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