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Jerry Stackhouse recently told ESPN Adrian Warnerowski that he never wants to play with an MJ from the Wizards of Washington. He played only two seasons with the Wizards, averaging 19.5 points, 3.7 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game. He joined the team in MJ’s second and final season in 2002.

Apparently, this campaign has been hell for Stackhouse, who said everything goes through Jordan.

Honestly, I wish I’d never played in Washington, for several reasons, Stackhouse said. I had a feeling we were going to Detroit before we were traded. It was really hard to be in a situation with an idol that made me feel like I was the best player at the time.

There were still things going on with Michael Jordan, he moved on. Doug Collins, I love Doug, but I think this was a chance for him to make up for what could have happened to them in Chicago. Well, almost everything Michael wanted to do… We had a pretty good start and he didn’t like the way the attack went, because he walked a little more through me. Of course he wanted some more isolation for him at the station, so we had more isolation for him at the station. And it went a little bit wrong, so I didn’t like it at all this season. The image I had in my head with Michael Jordan and the respect I had for him, I lost some this year.

It is clear that the mistreatment of Jordan has always attracted a lot of attention in the NBA community, and this has not been the exception. Among the many votes, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith responded to Stackhouse’s comments on Friday morning’s first doubles game.

Jerry Stackhouse, one of the best people you’ve ever met, one of the most realistic brothers you’ve ever met. A very nice guy, a very decent man. Quite right in what he says. My position on this is as follows: So what’s the problem? I mean, who cares? Because that’s what it’s all about in the end.

When Jerry Stackhouse was in Washington and Jordan came, Michael Jordan didn’t come as a player. Michael Jordan came to Washington with the intention of one day owning a franchise.

Number two if you remember, the same Jerry Stackhouse started his career in 1976 in Philadelphia. What happened to him after a year as a rookie? A man named Allen Iverson came in as a sophomore. Everybody knows that A.I. was that guy, except Jerry Stackhouse. Jerry Stackhouse wasn’t trying to give up shit.

Stephen A. made some good remarks. Jordan came with the intention of one day becoming the owner – he was more than just a player.

And for most of Jordan’s NBA superstars, they still have control of the franchise. Maybe Stackhouse didn’t get the memo.