Singin Colchester and Tanya Maduro appeared in the seventh season of the 90-day bride, and the fans had mixed feelings for the couple. Although the couple ended the season on good terms, the audience didn’t like the way Tanya treated her boyfriend. An American reality TV star told Singin that he wasn’t her soul mate and this made the fans feel that Tanya was insensitive to her South African boyfriend. However, the couple overcame their differences and will return for the next 90 days bridal season: Happy eternity.

Contempt for Tanya’s photo

To announce her performance in the series, Tanya recently posted a photo on her Instagram page with drooling fans.

In the picture you could see Tanya’s cleavage and the fans noticed that her breasts looked happier. An American reality star painted a picture when he was writing: I will return to your TV screens in the second episode #90dayhappilyeverafter. I don’t know how many times my bra still shows up. Tanya’s breathtaking photo impressed many of her disciples. However, a group of subjects suspected that her beautiful appearance could be due to plastic surgery. The huge breasts of a reality TV star gave rise to rumors that she had been subjected to a breast argument.

This isn’t the first time Tanya’s breasts have made headlines. Last season Tanya was criticized by her fans after appearing in several episodes without a bra.

She defended herself by saying she felt uncomfortable wearing bras. An American reality TV star gives Singin the honour of having confidence in his breasts. Tanya told her admirers that she didn’t think bras were necessary and supported their demands. She noticed that most women were relieved when they took off their bras after a long day at the office.

Tanya also showed that her breasts became happier when she stopped wearing bras.

After her last photo in Instagram, her decision to stop wearing a bra seems to pay off. Yet the fans still think she can get breast augmentation. Although she has not confirmed the rumours, the viewers of 90 Days Fiancée can soon learn the truth when she appears in 90 Days Fiancée: Happy eternity. It will be interesting to see if Tanya’s relationship with Singin has improved after the couple fought for their first performance at the TLC show.

In fan comments, she calls herself Big T**tti bitch.

The relationship between Singins and Tanya

The couple disagrees on several points, including Singen’s reluctance to have Tanya’s children. The South African reality TV star felt that his girlfriend forced him to start a family. The plot of Tanya and Singin, from the trailer of the new season, will take place in South Africa. The music video caused tension between Tanya and the Singin family after she accused her boyfriend of not having a guidance system. Fans can’t wait for the new season, especially after Tanya has promised not to wear a bra in most episodes.

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