Star Trek Discovery is 2 weeks away from returning to CBS All Entry for its third season, however the present’s first season started airing on CBS final week. Viewers coming to the collection for the primary time could marvel when Star Trek: Discovery takes place within the Star Trek timeline. Whereas this reply adjustments within the coming season, Discovery’s story begins a decade earlier than Star Trek: The Unique Sequence. Sure, the present seems shinier than The Unique Sequence, however that is as a result of the best way folks make tv modified within the 50 years of real-world time that separate TOS and Discovery’s debuts. To reply one other query, Discovery takes place in the identical universe as each different Star Trek TV present and never within the timeline of the brand new Star Trek motion pictures.

To place Discovery’s place within the timeline into perspective, Star Trek: Discovery’s first two episodes happen within the 12 months 2256. That is a decade earlier than Captain Kirk’s five-year mission, roughly 150 years earlier than Star Trek: The Subsequent Era, and 100 years after Captain Archer’s journey in Star Trek: Enterprise.

In 2256, there are three main powers within the galaxy: the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire. To present you a way of what the political panorama seems like, this is what’s occurring with every of those factions as Star Trek: Discovery begins:

The United Federation of Planets

On the time that Star Trek: Discovery, the Federation of Planets is lower than a century previous. For being such a comparatively younger galactic energy, the Federation is surprisingly able to holding its personal in opposition to its rivals.

The Federation consists of a number of non-human member races. Probably the most highly effective of them could be the founders, together with Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites.

The Federation by now has encountered unfriendly species throughout explorations, together with the Klingons and the Romulans. Nevertheless, the occasions of the Temporal Chilly Warfare and the Earth-Romulan Warfare are nicely behind them.

The Klingon Empire

The Klingon Empire has been round for a whole lot of years, making it an historic institution in comparison with the Federation. The Klingons do not get alongside nicely with any of their galactic neighbors, together with the Romulans.

Relations between the Klingons and Earth received off to a tough begin, as seen in Star Trek: Enterprise. By now, there’s been a protracted interval of little to no contact between the Federation and the Empire, which makes their assembly in Discovery’s premiere a stunning flip of occasions.

With no clear risk to unify them, the Klingon homes have fallen into factionalism and infighting. It’s a shadow of the mighty Empire it as soon as was and that longtime Star Trek followers know it can turn into once more.

The Romulan Star Empire

Throughout the 2250s, the Romulans are nonetheless regrouping after their stunning defeat through the Earth-Romulan warfare, which established the impartial zone barrier between Romulan and Federation house. They’re going to be robust and assured sufficient by the point of The Unique Sequence to start launching assaults on Federation outposts, however they’re quiet for now.

Within the meantime, the Romulans are growing their cloaking expertise. They may also quickly make a big arms commerce settlement with the Klingons. The Romulans do not play a direct function in Discovery (they get the highlight in Star Trek: Picard), however the risk they pose looms within the background.

Star Trek: Discovery airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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