The New Super-Man regular monthly comics collection finishes this Wednesday with problem #24 I’m a little depressing, certain, however mainly I’m thankful. For the last 2 years, I reached play in a new-ish edge of the DC World. I reached discuss 2 Cities of Tomorrow, one genuine (Shanghai) as well as one simulated (Metropolitan area). I reached develop a Bat-Man personality in the mold and mildew of Sammo Hung. I reached check out the overlap in between an American symbol– Superman– as well as modern-day Chinese society.

And also I reached collaborate with some fantastic, fantastic musicians. Viktor Bogdanovic adeptly laid the aesthetic structure for the Justice Organization of China. Billy Tan (that in fact stays in Shanghai– just how remarkable is that?!), Brent Peeples, as well as Joe Lalich all placed an item of their very own hearts right into our personalities. Bernard Chang as well as Philip Tan produced extraordinary, poster-worthy covers. David Sharpe, Stereo, Richard Buddy, as well as all the various other inkers, colorists, as well as letters that dealt with guide made it deep as well as brilliant, harmful as well as filled with hope.

I am so, so thankful.


When DC initially approached me to do a month-to-month publication regarding a Chinese Super-Man, I believed, “What?! That sounds like the dumbest idea ever. I want nothing to do with that!”

To be sincere, it seemed like a grab for Chinese film cash. However after some longer conversations, I recognized DC was going with something deeper. I learnt that it started as Jim Lee’s concept. He truly desired an Oriental participant of the Superman family members.

I need to admit, I have actually been a Jim Lee follower considering that I remained in senior high school. I have actually obtained a lengthy box of Jim Lee X-Men comics back residence. It’s tough to state no to your idolizer, you understand? So I stated yes.

I started seeking that Superman/Chinese society overlap. I began with Superman’s S, as well as I located the S form in 2 areas. Initially, in the conventional Yin Yang sign, an S is created where the Yin as well as Yang fulfill.

2nd, there’s an additional sign that’s commonly made use of in Taoism called the Bagua. If you constant Chinese dining establishments– the kind where they establish the tables with chopsticks rather than forks– you have actually most likely seen it. The Bagua comprised of 8 collections of lines, called Trigrams, as well as there’s a mathematical order to the Trigrams.

If you map your finger from the initial Trigram to the last, you relocate from Planet to Paradise. You likewise make an S, so the S attaches Planet with Paradise. (If you desire a complete description, checked out guide! Particularly problems # 7-8.)

I had some ideas to improve.

In traditional superhero tales, the heros are constantly excellent as well as the crooks are constantly negative. Yin is constantly Yin as well as Yang is constantly Yang. However that black-and-white means of believing does not truly function any longer. To a contemporary viewers, it really feels inauthentic. Particularly in the Net age, when things obtains overstated as well as caricatured in 140 personalities or much less, black-and-white reasoning can be hazardous.

To my mind, the knowledge in the Yin Yang sign remains in both dots. In the white Yang, there is a black dot (which, by the way, wanted to me like among I-Ching’s lenses) as well as in the black Yin, there is a white dot. Yin as well as Yang have each various other, as well as they need to be stabilized. That ended up being the structure of the whole collection.


Beforehand, we desired Kenan Kong, the New Super-Man, to have a fighting styles master. My front runner was Bronze Tiger, however that really did not exercise.

After that I discovered I-Ching. I-Ching initially showed up in Marvel Lady #179, released in1968 He’s this brief, blind Chinese man that educated Marvel Lady in kung-fu after she shed all her Amazonian powers. (I understand. The 1960’s were a strange time for superhero comics.)

There are great deals of troubles with the personality of I-Ching, not the least of which is his name. “I-Ching” is in fact the title of a crucial message in Taoism, so calling a Chinese personality “I-Ching” is type of like calling a European personality “Bible.” Not the very best concept.

However I figured I can enhance that web link to Taoism right into something significant. The idea of equilibrium is super-important in Taoism, so what happens if we made I-Ching the personification of equilibrium? (Like I stated, his sunglass lenses appeared like dots, so we were midway there currently.)

If I-Ching is equilibrium, after that we would certainly require a personality that symbolizes an absence of equilibrium, which ended up being All-Yang. Equilibrium needs that you accept the items of on your own that are weak, appropriate? All-Yang would certainly need to be a denial of all weak point.

In Problem # 1, Kenan starts as a completely out of balance person. The initial eighteen problems have to do with him locating equilibrium– or at the very least starting to locate equilibrium. I-Ching as well as All-Yang, equilibrium as well as unbalance, move him throughout.


I’m mosting likely to discuss religious beliefs awhile. If you’re not right into the subject, simply miss to the following area. ( And also I obtain it. Religious beliefs can draw out the jerk in individuals.) Knowing Taoism was among the unforeseen advantages of dealing with the New Super-Man collection. I’m not Taoist, so after we made a decision to generate I-Ching the personality, I started to review.

To be sincere, I really did not truly get in touch with I-Ching guide. It’s old as well as great deals have actually individuals have actually located great deals of significance in it, so I make certain it’s me. I did, nevertheless, link deeply with the Tao Te Ching, an additional spiritual Taoist message.

I’m an exercising Catholic, as well as my confidence has a tendency to experience ups and downs (like my life generally, I presume). I was lessening when I began dealing with the I-Ching story. Reviewing the Tao– the Means– as well as its resemblances to the Greek idea of the Logo designs was extremely heartening to me each time when I truly required it. I’m constantly seeking that overlap in between East as well as West, not simply for New Super-Man, but also for my life.

For me, the experience highlighted among the advantages of checking out various other people, various other idea systems, as well as various other way of livings. Knowing other individuals’s practices can often offer you a much deeper, more-nuanced gratitude of your very own.


You understand what I recognized regarding a year right into the New Super-Man job? I was in fact covering America with Kenan Kong.

A couple of months prior to we started dealing with the title, the New york city Times released an op-ed by an Oriental author suggesting that superheroes can not be Eastern. (If you’re interested, you can locate it right here: Allegedly, superheroes are so basically American that you can not convert them right into various other societies.

There was a great deal of reaction, naturally, as well as I certainly had that op-ed in mind as I began to compose the initial problem of New Super-Man.

When we remained in the conversation phases, we decided to begin Kenan off as a bully. It was an oblique homage to the Clark Kent Superman, that was type of a jerk when he initially debuted in1938 As Geoff Johns stated throughout our initial tale conference, Kenan’s personality arc would essentially relocate from Golden era Superman to Contemporary Superman.

However as I started to compose, I recognized that my sensations regarding Kenan Kong mirror my sensations regarding America. When you take a look at America’s background with China– when you take a look at America’s background with individuals as well as countries of shade generally– America has actually been a bully. It’s obvious. Yet, as an American, as a person that is glad for a lot regarding this nation, I need to think that America can be a hero, also.

That’s precisely just how I really feel regarding Kenan Kong. He starts as bully, however I need to think he can be a hero, also.

So perhaps that New york city Times op-ed was right. Also when I attempt to compose an Oriental superhero, I wind up covering America.


The editors as well as I spoke about this specific concept for a lengthy while prior to shooting on it. Investigator Comic books # 1– the initial problem of the title where the DC Comic books firm obtains its name– includes a yellow danger bad guy on the cover.

There’s some dispute regarding whether it’s Chin Lung or Fui Onyui, 2 personalities from 2 various tale arcs in the problem. No matter, it reveals simply exactly how linked bigotry is with the background of American comics.

New Super-Man belongs of Rejuvenation, DC’s soft relaunch in2016 Rejuvenation’s large job was to reveal that, in spite of all the relaunches as well as numerous worlds, the firm has actually been informing one large tale from the very start. DC intended to bring previous as well as existing right into a solitary, unified folklore. That suggests that every problem, every tale from the 1930 s previously “matters” somehow.

Just How do you do that without recognizing that DC debuted with a straight-up racist photo? By having Chin Lung/Fui Onyui turn up in New Super-Man, we can discuss the previous clearly, on-panel.

We really did not desire it to be everything about regret over an unsightly past, however. DC Comic books has actually gone from debuting with a cover that dehumanized Chinese individuals, to taking their crucial sign, the Superman S, as well as placing it on the upper body of a Chinese superhero. Chin Lung/Fui Onyui shows up at the actual end of New Super-Man # 8. That problem was composed by a Chinese American author as well as shown by a Chinese art group. To my mind, it demonstrates how much DC has actually come, just how much we as a culture have actually come. Points aren’t ideal, naturally, however (this is a really “Superman” means of considering the globe) they’re much better in numerous means, which’s a factor for hope. I’m pleased to be a component of today’s DC Comic books.

The large bulk of our followers have actually recognized what we were attempting to do. Some were surprised, however they were likewise fascinated as well as encouraging. I wish we measured up to their assumptions.


Like I stated, I am so, so thankful. I’m thankful to my editors, specifically Paul Kaminski whose knowledge as well as tale feeling assisted the collection from the initial problem to the last, as well as Jessica Chen that came aboard a little later however was vital to the last couple of stories. I’m thankful to the management of DC Comic books for taking a threat that I at first intended to prevent.

And Also most importantly, I’m thankful guide’s viewers. DC Comic books was initially mosting likely to finish New Super-Man 6 months earlier, with problem #18 As a result of your assistance, we obtained 6 even more problems. 6 even more! One was composed by the uber-talented Mariko Tamaki, as well as the various other 5 provided us area to present Dragonson, the North Oriental Aqua-Man. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

This is certainly not completion of Kenan Kong as well as his colleagues. They are currently a long-term component of the DC mythos. (Exactly how insane is THAT?!)

Additionally, the initial 3 profession books are readily available now, with a 4th en route.

It’s not completion of my operate at DC Comic books, either. Successive for me: