The Walking Dead comic could reveal the plan of the survivors, a horde of walkers in the finals of the 10th edition of The Walking Dead. of the TV series, which has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus crisis. The season ended at the beginning of episode 15 of Tower, in which Beta Whisperer (Ryan Hirst) leads his herd to the abandoned hospital tower and hides the survivors from the now deserted communities of Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Lydia (Cassady McClancy), Judith (Kaylie Fleming) and RJ Grimes (Anthony Azor) were among the survivors who were captured by a horde of hikers, but an unsolved escape plan has since been implemented.

In the preview of this episode, Daryl (Norman Reed), Carol (Melissa McBride), Luke (Dan Vogler) and Jules (Alex Sgambati) are dressed in ponchos covered with walkers’ guts to disguise themselves as dead people, while Kelly (Theory of Angels) attracts a swarm of walkers before they go outside.

Our plan is the same, Gabrielle says in the preview, four groups, two in each. This line is drawn almost directly from the comic strip, in which the survivors are also cornered by a horde of thousands of vagrants:

Open fire

In the film The Walking Dead No. 158, which begins with the horrific death of a character as a spectator of the tower, a militia led by former rescuer Dwight opens fire on the approaching horde of walkers that has triggered Beta. Negan cooperates with the militia called to the front by Rick Grimes with Whispering to win his freedom after successfully invading Whispering and killing the Alpha leader.

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Continuous vigilance

Among the dead are knife whisperers who have managed to shoot and kill many militia. Magna, Yumiko and the soldiers of the kingdom come and open fire on the crowd, but the army is soon overwhelmed by a seemingly endless stream of protesters.

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Beta safety

Hidden among the hordes is Beta, the current leader of Whispering, who escapes and attacks Dwight. He was rescued by Negan, who hit Beth with the tip of his gun.

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Stone, paper, knife, bat

Number 159 starts with a violent argument between Beta and Negan and ends with Dwight Negan throwing his favorite Lucille baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire to Dwight Negan. Negan’s drummer hits Beta’s double knife and their fight ends when Negan, who hits Beta several times with powerful blows from Lucille, accidentally smashes his bat to pieces.

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Divide and conquer

The unconscious beta is removed by the Whisperers, and the militia wins after successfully removing the remaining packet. But if a second wave comes out of the forest, even bigger than the first one, there is only one way to survive, according to Dwight.

Because their last effort won’t work a second time, and because there may be more rumors in the herd, Dwight tells the survivors to split up and overcome by splitting into four groups to take out part of the herd. Dwight’s group stays on the trail and takes the others to the reserve position where they can drop the rest of the walkers off.

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When you’re in Rome…

Whisper realized that the herd was broken, which weakened his group’s strategy of using the dead as shelter. When Shepchun is killed with a crossbow to the head, Dwight takes off his mask, which is made from the flesh of a walking man. Put it on, Dwight. Oh, well… when he was in Rome.

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Cleaning the dead

In room 160 Dwight, Michonne and others walk among the dead, dressed as whisperers. If discovered, they will disable the Whisperers before using the cloak to send the other vagrants. Dwight and the militia are on a mission, but another faction of Whisperers is on its way to the top of the hill to launch a surprise attack that will reduce the colony, led by Maggie Ree, to rubble.

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