The great popularity of Tiger King Netflix is the subject of a special edition. TMZ and Fox have announced next Monday, the 13th. April, another deep dive in front of the watchtower. The special offer is called TMZ Investigations : Tiger King – What really happened? And his master is Harvey Levin. In recent weeks, the world has remained locked up and Netflix has seen public sympathy grow enormously thanks to the wild world of Joe Exotica and the other characters in the documentary series.

For the TMZ in particular, Tiger King will investigate the unresolved questions about Joe Exotic’s guilt, the internal investigation into the disappearance of her husband Carol Baskin and the current status of the review. He will also show previously invisible film material. Baskin has been the subject of debate since the beginning of documentary films. Exotica is the king, but thanks to Jeff Lowe and Baskin’s constant interest in the incredible true story that is still unfolding.

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TMZ just jumped into the Tiger King’s band. The discovery research announced plans for a special release on Joe Exotic earlier this week, and Jeff Lowe says Netflix will leave its own footprint. However, it seems that Lowe might very well talk about the next special edition of TMZ, as the dates seem to coincide. Lowe said the new episode of Netflix will be aired this week, although he may have interviewed TMZ instead. Lowe is happy with his success with the Tiger King and does his best for the press.

On the other hand are Carol Baskin and Bhagavan Doc Antl, who are not very happy with the way they were portrayed in the King of the Tiger. Although Antle has some heat, it is actually nothing compared to the lighthouses that Baskin is currently under water. Fans of forged documents and almost everyone who’s learned the details believe she murdered her ex-husband Don Lewis. Lewis has been missing since 1997, and many believe she fed him to her tigers. Although the evidence may indicate a criminal act, it is important to note that Mr. Baskin has never been accused of any crime.

The case of Don Lewis’ disappearance has been reopened by law enforcement in Florida thanks to the popularity of Tiger King. One can imagine that TMZ will spend a lot of time on the disappearance of Carol Baskin and Lewis. We don’t have to wait too long to find out. TMZ is doing research: Tiger King. – What really fell? Leave on Monday the 13th. April, Fox. The date has not yet been announced, but it should be soon. The Hollywood reporter was the first to announce the Tiger King special.

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