Former Arsenal midfielders Aaron Ramsey and Unai Emery.

The Spaniards believe that many problems beyond his control led to his release (Photo: Getty).

Former Arsenal boss Unai Emery says he felt lonely and was exposed to the club’s hierarchy before he was fired, insisting it would have been different if it hadn’t been for Aaron Ramsay’s injury.

The Spaniard was released at the end of November after only 18 months of command in the Emirates, and the club was closer to the lower zone than the four leaders when he received the marching orders.

Emery had a promising first season, reaching the finals of the Europa League and missing the top four, but it all fell apart quickly.

Weapon star Aaron Ramsay

The injury resulted in a premature end of Ramsey’s stay in the Arsenal (Photo: Getty).

He believes that Ramsey’s hamstring injury – which kept him out of the last four league games, of which Arsenal won only one – was a decisive factor in his final dismissal and that Welschman’s transfer to Juventus left a huge void in the team.

In the beginning everything went well; there was a good atmosphere in the dressing room, Emery told The Guardian.

Ramsey’s injury, when he was at his best, had a major impact: He conveyed positivity, so much energy. And because we played a lot of important games in April without him, we needed 100% bet from each player.

He moved on: But some players had a mentality that once said yes, once said no, when it should be yes, yes, every day in football. We’ve missed a lot of games in the last few weeks. If your application and bet falls below 100%, you could lose, and that’s exactly what happened.

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Emery goes on to say: I told the people who run the club and then there were some decisions that didn’t go well. Mistakes have been made and as a coach I take responsibility for my mistakes. For example, the four captains have stayed.

Ramsey thought he was leaving. It would be better for the team if he went ahead, and for me. Petr Cech is retired, okay. But I wanted Laurent Cougarney to stay, I wanted Nacho Montreal to stay. All those leaders are gone, so the wardrobe is something else.

Arsenal Chiefs Raoul Sanlehy and Edu.

Emery wanted more support from Arsenal bosses Raoul Sanleiha, left, and Ed, right (photo: Getty).

Emery has been the subject of huge criticism for his poor completion of the 2018/19 season, which continued in the next campaign, and he believes that he has not received the necessary public support.

He went on to say: I was protected in every club: Lorca, Almeria, Valencia, PSG. I had Monchi in Seville. At the PSG, Nasser al-Helaifi protected me in the locker room and in public.

They couldn’t do it with Arsenal, maybe because they came from Arsenal Wenger, who did everything. You would have said: Me and them, but they couldn’t protect me from the fans and the locker room. The truth is, I’ve been lonely.

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