The call of duty: Modern Warfare is already one of the most popular video games in the series, although it was released five months ago, in October 2019. Infinity Ward and Activision have made the game a great success in terms of sales, revenues and content, and the players are now enjoying the second season and the new Warzone mode. The game developer will continue to release new content, and we can expect at least three more seasons, so there is no doubt that the game will be even more successful.

The 10th. In March, the development team released Call of Duty: War zone that attracted millions of players in the first few hours. However, there are some errors in game mode that need to be corrected. One of the most recent mistakes leads to a worrying black hole in the place of the enemy. Hopefully Infinity Ward will fix this bug soon, and given that a new update will be released in a few days, the solution can be included.

Visual faults in a black hole

Reddit user Survilus recently shared a video with the strange Call of Duty : The power outage in Varzon that happened to him.

Other users who participated in the call said they had the same problem with gambling. This visual disturbance simply destroys the gameplay, and with his help it is impossible to destroy the enemies.

The call of duty: The Warzone player showed a video in which he was destroyed by the enemy, but it was almost invisible. Just a second before the enemy hit the player, a black hole appeared on his screen, making it impossible to see the enemy or anything else.

In a few moments the screen of Survilus turned black when the enemy ran to it and destroyed it.

A Reddit user suggested that increasing render resolution might solve this problem, although nothing has been confirmed yet. Since this interference makes a video game almost impossible, at least in terms of combat, we can assume that Infinity Ward will put it at the top of the priority list and will soon release a patch.

Another Duty CallRestart of the game is about to begin.

In other news it seems that Activision will publish the restart of Call of Duty: Second modern war. This game was originally released in 2009 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, but it looks like it will be reloaded, probably by the end of 2020. Data extractors have been referring to it for a long time and the Korean classification site has added it to its list. However, the website only mentioned the campaign for this Call of Duty game, which made many players wonder if Activision would only include this mode or all modes in the package.

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