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The story of Dolores and Charlotte made a big leap forward in this episode (Photo: HBO).

*Warning: The post contains spoilers for the third episode of Westworld’s third season.

Today’s new episode of Westworld was a big step forward in the smooth restart of the third season of the fantasy series.

After our Mave tour last week we left with Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) on a mission to destroy the evil Delos Corporation and launch an android revolution in the human world.

But while Dolores has strengthened her partnership with Caleb (Aaron Paul), the unknown owner currently living in Charlotte’s body, after discovering that the director of Delos has a secret son.

1. Who’s using Charlotte Hale’s body?

Charlotte Hale… not exactly Charlotte Hale, but who is she? (photo: HBO)

One of the most mysterious puzzles of this season is the identity of the five hosts that Dolores smuggled out of the western world at the end of the second season. Currently, one is implanted in Charlotte Hale’s body and the other in that of a tech mogul’s powerful bodyguard.

Central to this episode is the new Charlotte, who seems to be struggling with her own conscience when she discovers that the old (dead) Charlotte actually has a son at home.

The lack of land has meant that New Charlotte seems to have changed forever with the ability to love and care for her son – but the big question remains about her true identity, and how it will turn out in the story in the future. Is that Teddy? Dr. Ford? Maybe even Bernard in another uniform? Or… Is it someone else?

2. Does Nathan know his mother is a surrogate?

Westworld | Official Trailer Season 3

The real Charlotte Hale had a secret (Photo: HBO).

You’re not my mother.

Those were the first words Nathan Hale said to his mother in that episode – and we all choked, didn’t we? What was going on here in the sixth sentence of the word?

It turns out that the writers were a little scared – we assume that Nathan does not know that Charlotte is not really his mother, but that she is just the landlady carrying his body – but that makes us think that this is the decoy in the decoy.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see New Charlotte take her love for her son, change her life… just to tell him that he knew she wasn’t his mother when her true identity was revealed?

3. Will Dolores leave her masters to start a war?

Western World Season 3 Episode 1 Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood Dolores continues his film Femme fatale (Photo: HBO).

Throughout the episode, Dolores was haunted by anonymous sound bites, in which her perception of reality seemed to be weakened by a second by the pressure exerted on Delos.

And where was Dolores? Running around Los Angeles with Caleb, trying to start a revolution. Although our favorite anti-heroine finally seemed to help her friend Android, we also think that it points to a bigger problem with Dolores.

Namely that Dolores’ lust for power and the destruction of human society can blind her fellow androids who help her. Will their continued absence be an obstacle to this revolution? That’s what we say.

4. To what extent are technologies omniscient in the human world?

Pictures of the third season of World West HBO

What’s wrong with Caleb? (photo: HBO)

One of the most influential sequences this week was one in which Dolores explains to Caleb why he is still being rejected for a job – Siri – like AI, the manager of human society, essentially uses an algorithm that calculates people’s life expectancy.

Given Caleb’s military career and his post-traumatic stress disorder, she predicts he’ll commit suicide in ten years. Potential employers know this and don’t want to hire him.

This is an excellent tactic to completely transform Caleb in his company, but has Dolores also discovered that mankind is now largely dominated by the omniscient A.I. who literally plays God? We look forward to the scholarship to study them further.

5. We know who Delosa’s mole is, but what’s the next step?

Western world (Photo: Atlantic sky)

Dolores has an account to play (Photo: Celestial Atlantic).

Serak (Vincent Cassel) has been made clear as the Big Bad this season, and he has a mole in the company Delos.

Serak needs Deloce to access the company’s hidden data about Westworld’s guests, which they used to try to implant human consciousness into the master’s body – to make themselves immortal.

But in a shocking last-second revelation, viewers learned that it was Serak who had been sending messages to New Charlotte throughout the episode… because the real Charlotte Hale was his mole in Delos.

It puts New Charlotte in a difficult position because she comes into direct conflict with Serak and Dolores. Which direction is she going?

Season 3 of Westworld continues on Monday at 21:00 at Sky Atlantic.

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