CrossFit isn’t just a fitness workout – it’s a lifestyle. Many CrossFit newbies have seen the CrossFit documentaries on Netflix or YouTube videos of the CrossFit Games and are fascinated. I can never do THAT! At the same time, curiosity is aroused: If my neighbor or colleague or partner can do that, maybe I can too?

On this page we will answer you what CrossFit is and many other frequently asked questions from CrossFit newbies and interested parties and explain all the basics you need to know about CrossFit:

The CrossFit training method comes from the USA and was developed over 20 years ago by the trainer and CrossFit inventor Greg Glassman. Back in the 1980s, Glassman used CrossFit training to get his athletes fit. The basic idea was to combine functional exercises with heavy weights and sprint units and thus create an extremely intensive and, above all, highly efficient training.

In contrast to conventional fitness training, in which the focus is only on strength and endurance, with CrossFit all elements of fitness are developed and trained equally. Those who only train their strength (eg with bodybuilding) and their endurance (eg with running or cycling) neglect many other important components of fitness such as flexibility, speed and coordination.

CrossFit improves performance in all these areas, the goal is “GPP”: general physical preparedness. so to be prepared for the unknown and unexpected. The goal of CrossFit training is all-round fitness and more performance for your everyday life, job or sport.

Another special feature of CrossFit is the community. You don’t get into your box with your iPod in your ear and do a workout alone in the corner. We are a community, more like a sports club. We fight and suffer together – that motivates and connects.

Further down on this page you will find many more exciting questions and answers about CrossFit!

What is WOD

The daily training (“WOD” = workout of the day) combines exercises from the areas of weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance sports. Every day there is a new workout with a new combination of exercises on the program, because routine is the enemy! In a CrossFit box you train together with others in a group, whereby the workout is adapted to the individual performance level of the individual.

The WODs are timed, ie you train against time. Every WOD is a small competition – against yourself, the clock and your fellow campaigners. All exercises have clearly defined standards that every athlete must adhere to. So you can clearly compare yourself and find out who is really fitter!

At myleo, we write the results of the day on our large blackboard – very old-school with real chalk. So you can see what your friends scored for that day.

By the way, the word “WOD” is not the only CrossFit name that you have to understand first! Do you want to read more about CrossFit terms like “rx’d”, “amrap” or “emom”?

Can  anyone do crossfit?

Basically yes! You don’t have to be fit to start CrossFit. You get fit with us.

CrossFit involves training very intensively and with heavy weights, so a healthy cardiovascular system and an intact musculoskeletal system are of course a prerequisite.

Do you have injuries or disabilities that are limiting you? Then communicate this with your coach and find solutions and alternatives on how you can still participate in the group!

But you don’t have to be a competitive athlete to do CrossFit. That’s the great thing about this sport – every workout can be scaled, i.e. adapted, to the respective individual performance level. Even complete beginners and older semesters can become strong, fit and productive with crossfit gym delhi!

How do I get started with crossfit?

The elements from Olympic weightlifting, which are very common in CrossFit, are highly complex movements and should therefore be taught by experienced coaches. That is why we advise everyone to do CrossFit in an official CrossFit box – there are trained trainers who make sure that you still work properly during the workout when you are tired and that you do not neglect your technique.

Many boxes therefore also offer a compulsory beginner’s program in which you learn all CrossFit-relevant exercises and how to use the barbell safely through intensive technical training.

At myleo CrossFit there is a fundamental workshop for all new members that prepares you for the CrossFit courses.

Find a CrossFit Box near you, either via Google or the CrossFit Affiliate Finder on, book a free trial training session and just give it a try!

The free trial training at myleo includes a theoretical and a practical part, followed by a question and answer session. In this way you will find out everything you need to know about CrossFit, do a first WOD suitable for beginners and can ask all the questions that are still on your mind.

Can women also try crossfit?

No. Women in particular are often concerned that CrossFit training will make them a muscle man. You really don’t need to be afraid of too much muscle. They (unfortunately) don’t come that fast. A couple of CrossFit courses a week have never turned into Hercules. Professional CrossFitter train several hours a day. A Hobby CrossFitter becomes more athletic, fitter and healthier. Not more. We think that a lean, muscle-defined body looks great, by the way – on both men and women. But much more important: Weightlifting is really fun. Anyone who lifts heavy weights becomes leaner and, above all, healthier, strengthens their bones, increases their life expectancy and increases their basal metabolic rate. Exercising with weights is also a miracle cure for confidence. Everyone – man or woman – should feel strong, competent and proud. And we take care of that at myleo! So: Ladies (& of course gentlemen), get on the weights!