The last episode of the second season ended on the 24th. June 2018 and consisted of ten episodes. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s efforts in Year 2 have received more feedback than their debut in Year 1. So it is undeniable how much next season for the debut on the 15th. March was expected.

It is clear that season three of the HBO science fiction series Westworld is a lot of fun. HBO has released some pictures of the upcoming episode of the third season. The images show the constant struggle of some remarkable characters in the eclectic show.

Action Serac

As we saw in the ad campaign, Serak isn’t happy if he puts a gun to Caleb’s head. He’s usually insane, and it seems that events are approaching a turning point for a ridiculously rich villain.

Mave, Jake Hale and Nathan in upcoming episodes.

We didn’t see Mave in last week’s episode, but she’s back in the show. Looks like she’s still in the army.

We saw Jake Hale in the third episode of season three. He’s reunited with his wife Charlotte Hale. In future episodes we will see if Charlotte can continue the charade.

Nathan Hale is Jake Hale’s son. He seems to suspect his mother isn’t what she seems to be. We’ll see the story in future episodes.

Conclusion of– Trailers

There were two trailers. In the first trailer more attention is paid to the new characters of this season. The cast of HBO and Westworld is practically adapted to the characters and actors of the third season.

When we talk about the second teaser of the trailer, it starts with the voice of Dolores: We all have a role to play. There are machines in this world, but not like us. You and I don’t have a mother or a father. We’re alone, outnumbered. We have to be smarter than them. Or they’ll find us. And they’ll kill us. We will show this world as it really is.

These lines show the character of Paul holding the fallen Dolores, and it is believed that this happened immediately after their encounter in the first pendant.

In February of this year we saw a complete official trailer of Westworld 3. We see that the pendant not only collects these pieces, but also asks new questions. The trailer shows the cool Dolores working with Caleb, and also much more action than ever.spoiler person,spoiler car,the bold and the beautiful spoilers next week,movie spoilers,bold and the beautiful upcoming episodes,game of thrones season 8 dvd release date,spoiler media,bold and the beautiful comings and goings